Zebra in the square

zebra jacket and red dress

On a gloomy day,  I pulled my husband out of the house for this photo shoot  session, in between the drops of rain. The wintry sky ensured a gray light.

zebra jacket and red dress 4

The venue of this photo shoot- Tel  Aviv’s largest public square –  has strong emotional associations in the modern Israeli  life. It is here that  Prime Minister Yitchak Rabin was assassinated in November 1995, after addressing a  massive Peace Rally  .

Rabin square Eco pool

Rabin square Eco pool

zebra jacket and red dress 3

From this square  too, two year ago, Israel’s biggest  ever demonstration  took place, led by a group of previously unknown young people, protesting in favor of social justice.

שרה 077

The Tel  Aviv Marathon with thousands of runners  and participants from all over the world starts here  (including me, believe it or not, though one time only!)


Here  in front of Tel-Aviv City Hall, the annual book fair takes place. Dozens of publishing houses display their books of the passing years, offering them for sale at reduced prices. Thousands of adults, teenagers and young children browse through books and stock  up for the coming year.

red anzari bag

In the past, the Gay parade, used to start from this place with over 10’000  participantsborn this way


Can you believe that only some 60 years ago, at the time to the British mandate, this whole  vibrant Tel-Aviv square was  only an orange orchard?


Zebra jacket – vintage, red dress – Honigman, red bag – Enzari ; boots – Caligula; gold necklass – an   heirloom  of my mothers

Have a fabulous week!



15 responses to “Zebra in the square

  1. Thank you for your tourism guide Tel-Aviv. I love your outfit, the combination is lovely zebra jacket with maroon dress. The two pieces are beautiful and you are beautiful. It’s a great look. I understand correctly, you run marathon?

  2. You look very elegant!

  3. You look lovely, Sara! Elegant and so chic!

  4. I love your dress! The public square looks like a beautiful area.

    • The maroon color of the dress has been one of my favorites, since I was a child. I have all the carpets around the house in combination of this color, many ceramic dishes and much more. Thank you for commenting,,, Sara

  5. I see a gorgeous zebra in the square! What a great look, Sara! Classy and chic! Thanks for the tour. I’d love to visit your country one day!

  6. I love the red a zebra- FIERCE

  7. Pretty!! I love the dress AND the jacket – just gorgeous

  8. oh I love it – you looked great, I guess hubby would agree – lol

  9. Fabulous! You look great in this outfit, very chic! I love the black and white with red! I am a fan of animal prints. I don’t have zebra yet. 😦
    ❤ carmen

  10. Thank you so much for joining me in this project.
    I hope to see you in every coming one.

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