Getting ready for China

white jacket

In just a few days, my husband and I will be flying to China. As this will be our first time visiting this intriguing country, our excitement is enormous..

white jacket 1

We were told that the  average Chinese speak very  little  English, if at all, so it is going to be challenging making our requests understood when  navigating around between transport, hotels, shops and restaurants! As we have  never liked travelling as part of  a guided grouped  tour, we decided to take our chances and travel  on our own, albeit with the help of private guides.

coral bag 1

We have done some homework and booked in advance all the hotels and internal flight so what else can go wrong?

polka dot shirt

I hope internet connection will not be a problem (after all this is  super modern China!) and I will be able, from time to time, to report to you on our whereabouts and goings on.

coral jeans

Hold your thumbs up for us and bon voyage!

jacket – Twentyfourseven ; shirt – Zara ; jeans – Quiset ; bag – Dorothy Perkins ; shades – Escada ; sandals – Armani (from a while ago)



11 responses to “Getting ready for China

  1. Sure to be a wonderful trip, China is a great country. I really like your outfit today with these warm tones, so pretty, and those pants are so cute, and so well you feel. The shirt is gorgeous and looks great with the white jacket. A look gorgeous as always.

  2. That’s truly exciting, bonT voyage! I am already waiting for the photos 🙂

  3. Lady of Style

    Lovely outfit – a white blazer is a must for this season!

    Have a great trip with lots of new and interesting experiences! I have been travelling to the Far East many times including HongKong but never been to mainland China. Looking forward to your photos!

    Lady of Style

    • Thanks Annette. You are right about the white jacket, it does seem to be a must this season but why didn’t I see it the previous season?! strange how our perception of what looks good and what does not, changes… Sara

  4. jangrahammcmillen

    Bon Voyage! If it can’t be me, I’m glad it’s you that’s going! Have a very safe trip, and enjoy all the … EVERYTHING!
    Looking forward to seeing when you return.

  5. I love the warm tones too, very nice and classy!

  6. Traveling Mercies – be safe and have fun!

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