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As a blogger I scout the internet and come across many things that move me in one way or another. It can be a beautiful photograph, an item of clothing or footwear a delectable recipe etc. Once a week I intend sharing my loves with you

Friday I love – My Greece summer walkabout


Those of you who have been following my blog  may remember that come every August, I pack a big bag and travel with my husband to the Peloponnese, Greece for our summer vacation.

We have been coming here for the past nine summers, always staying  in the country side by the beach, just outside the village of Porto Heli. We stay the month, welcoming  a flow of extended family, friends and friends of friends.

the path

Our visitors are happy to join our evening walks  along  quiet country lanes.

pine tree

Greece’s pine forests are fabled, each tree a veritable individual history.We encounter many fig trees along the way, observing the daily ripening of the fig varietals until ready for eating, on the spot.


Yesterday we collected grapes on our dusk walk  as well as carob .

red berries

collected fruit

Mother  Nature’s abundance is not to be taken for granted.

Have a peaceful weekend!