Am I a fashion victim?

blue and black strips

One of the very first things I learned when I first became interested in fashion, many years ago, was that horizontal strips tends to make one look fat.


Like most women I wish to look  slimmer than I really am. (Slimmer than whom, you may ask? Slimmer than oneself, the neighbor, the 21 year old model staring back at you from the fashion ad ? the fashion victim which I became?) so, in the past,  purchasing an item of clothing in which strips featured  was a total “no no”.

yelow bag

Come 2012  and the designers and trend-setters decided that horizontal stripes are not only o.k but  the “in thing “!  and one of my dress rule was heads to the dustbin!

yellow scarf1

Thank you for stopping by !

Shades – Ray ban; Lace  shirt – Lucci ; Jersey – J. Crew ; Leather pans – Castro ; bag – Louis Vuitton ; scarf Miss Selfridge



22 responses to “Am I a fashion victim?

  1. You are not a fashion victim at all, you look great in horizontal stripes!

  2. I actually love your striped jersey and how you accessorized the outfit with mustard-colored accessories..great! xo

  3. Do not think you’re a fashion victim, I think you’re just a woman elegant and concerned about their appearance. In your blog you talk about many other things, always interesting, we also suggest that you are a cultured woman. Horizontal stripes are you beautiful, the whole look is very nice. Do not think you should compare yourself with others, you are very attractive.

  4. So you know, I saw your post first thing this morning as my huz and I were having coffee. He looked over my shoulder at your picture, read a bit of your post and said “She has nothing to worry about … she looks great.”

    You do look great … blue stripes works so well against the unusual print on your white blouse. Pulls that little blouse right back into rotation, I’ll bet! And don’t you love the complimentary colors we’re seeing so much together ?
    I do. Makes brights even more interesting.

    Looking pretty, Sarah!

    • Firstly, Jan, say thanks to your husband,,,
      I do find that I get a lot of use of this specific white blouse,, I think because it has a lacy look , it matches very well with leather items.(contrasts and so on…)
      I agree with you about the brights, they bring every thing to life.. Sara

  5. You look great! I absolutely love this look on you. Stripes are my favorite and I love that you have paired them with another one of my favorties, leather. The layering is perfect too! I think you look wonderfully stylish.

  6. I love this outfit! The stripes look great on you and I love how you paired it with classic pieces like the button down and trousers. The best part about fashion these days is that there are no longer any rules 🙂

  7. I echo what others have already said Sara—you look great! Your look evokes a casual elegance that you pull off perfectly!

  8. The stripes look great 🙂

  9. A fashion victim? NO WAY! Stripes look GREAT on you! So cassy!!

  10. nofearoffashion

    I agree with all the others… this looks vey good on you. Glad you got rid of the rule. I just wore a brown jacket yesterday with black boots. Which was also a no-go in my old book. Got rid of that one as well. Finally.
    Oh and thanks for stopping by. It is nice to see your outfits as well.

  11. I was laughing about the slimmer appearance… you have a fantastic figure, my dear! Gorgeous styling.
    I just came back from Italy and yellow was definitely one of the major trends in the shops there.

    Lady of Style

  12. Nice, the mustard yellow accents are great!

  13. you look gorgeous and classy!!

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