End of Summer – More images of my vacation

amsterdam bicLike all good things, my summer vacation, though a whole month long, has come to its end. I spent most of it by the glorious beaches of  Greece, and one  fabulous weekend in Amsterdam, Holland. These are some impressions of it….blue dressstoneswhite topdry flowerleavesblue maxiThe end of summer vacation is always a sign for Autumn and therefor of a new beginning and regeneration. I am looking forward for cooler weather and for more time at home with friends and family.

All the best!



13 responses to “End of Summer – More images of my vacation

  1. I swear that bike in your first picture never moves. I think I have the same picture. Ha!

  2. I was just in Holland! Great

  3. SO beautiful! Love how some Europeans have a gift with flowers (and get to live on houseboats – cool!)

  4. jangrahammcmillen

    Lovely, no matter where in the world you are. Such an ambassadress of great style!

  5. Hi! I have just read your lovable post about your holidays! I think they must have been fantastic! And you look great in the second photo! ( but also in the other ones… )

  6. Beautiful close-up photography Sara! The bike by the canal is a famous one 😉 ha ha! I think everyone who goes to Amsterdam has one. I hope to go again someday.

    The highlight of this post is YOU! You look so lovely. The picture by the river is my favourite, so dreamy and looks like a perfect cover for a romance novel.


    ❤ carmen

  7. Greece & Amsterdam! The best Holidays ever! I wish you a wonderful autumn dear! kiss

  8. Love all the looks and pictures. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities! xx

  9. nofearoffashion

    What fun, you have been in my country this summer. I could have run into you in Amsterdam. If you want to see some nostalgia pictures, you can find loads of photos about (shopping in) Amsterdam at the top navigation of my blog.
    I especially like that first outfit. So chic, so St. Tropez.

  10. Great travel outfits! =)

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