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Stars at sunset at Jaffa port

red stars

We love watching the sunset from the city of Jaffa . Downing  a cold beer as the golden sun drops below Jaffa’s horizon, one marvels that this selfsame sun has been setting on Jaffa  for thousands of years. It fills one with a humble sense of respect both for Nature’s way and the sheer history of place.

Jaffa view

Jaffa’s histroy is long and involved many nations, some of whom no longer exist.

see breaze

Founded by the Canaanites in the 18 th century B.C.E., Jaffa has been historically important largely because of its port entry to the Holy Land. From archaeological discoveries and ancient documents we learn that Jaffa existed as a port city some 4,000 years ago, serving Egyptian and Phoenician sailors in their sea voyages. The Canaanites named the city jaffa which meant the beautiful. The Christian legend tells us that Jaffa was named after Prophet Noah’s son, Yefet, who built it after the Flood. The biblical account mentions that the cedars from Lebanon for the construction of the Jewish King Solomon’s Temple were imported  via Jaffa to Jerusalem. Prophet Jonah departed from this city in his flight from God, only to be ‘ swallowed by a whale’. Greek legend tells of the chaining of the beautiful Andromeda to the rocks facing Jaffa’s shore.  The apostle Peter performed a miracle in Jaffa. Roman legions,  Richard the Lion-Hearted,  Salah-Aldin Alayubi, Napoleon, Ottoman sultans and British troops, to name a few, all  saw fit to conquer  this strategic city.  Since May 1948,  Jaffa is part of the state of Israel. In the 1950’s the  Tel Aviv and Jaffa were unified, and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality established.

straw hat

Jaffa , with its old and new harbour, is a major tourist attraction with an exciting combination of old, new and restored. Galleries, exclusive restaurants, sidewalk cafes, and boardwalks abound. The city name  is associated with the famous Jaffa oranges.

breach at sunset


red dress

brown leater bag

sand doll


Dress- vintage ; bag – Lionel ; sandals – Nine West ; shades – Escada

I am flying tomorrow to Istanbul and then to Athens. Hope to share with you some photos from these two exiting destination. Have a lovely week!