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Five Things you must do in Istanbul

Istanbul is a fascinating and  great city, with a lot to experience and see. Here is what I chose to do in my recent  three day visit there.

1. Stroll along the Bosphorous.

As a sea lover, I  was firstly drawn to the waterside. To smell the air, see the great bridges,  and watch the endless passage of giant vessels ‘through’ this city.

view the bridges

Ambling  along the long promenade, enjoy the coffee shops, restaurants, joggers, fishermen and  men playing back gammon.

stroll by the sea

One of many old buildings along the promenade, no doubt with its own personal little story reaching back to the Ottoman Empire


2. Indulge in Turkish food

Sample the  varied tastes and colors of Turkish delights! Order traditional Turkish dishes such as stuffed peppers, vine leaves and small meat balls in red sauce. Don’t forget the seafood.

turkish delight

meatballs on bread


turkish food

3. Treat yourself to the Hamam

I was lucky to have a beautiful hamam all to myself. It is a peaceful, invigorating and purifying experience. Let your body relax on a warm marble slab. From time to time, douse yourself in a cool shower.

Once you are truly warm, your attendant  can vigorously scrub you down with an exfoliating mitt, to get rid of excess skin, before a further shower.
Thereafter, the massage usually includes a full body soapy foam scrub, from head to toe, followed by another wash down.


4. Select some of this great cities fabled  and  historical sites

The  Blue MosqueHagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern, the Byzantine Hippodrome, and Topkapi Palace  or the Grand Bazaar- it’s easy to see why many tourists never venture further than the historical centre of Istanbul.עתיקות

decorated roof

5. Take a night Cruise  along the Bosphorous – utterly Romantic

Viewing the city from the sea, especially at sunset, as I did, is a magical experience.

boating sea at sunset

It has been ten years since I last visited Istanbul. This time my experience was so special I fell in love with it and promised myself to comeback very soon!

Hope you enjoyed my report, p