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Channeling the Blogosphere

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This week, to my great delight, my blog featured in the internet magazine  http://www.fabulousafter40.com/. The magazine’s editor, Debora Boland,  had kindly cited a post  of mine on the wearing of boots. Within hours, I had many hundreds of new entries into my blog site, testimony to the viral power of the blogosphere.

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One hears and reads so much about the  extraordinary  role and  impact of the new social  media in our modern lives. Political revolutions are even attributed  to the pervasive  influence of information  and views being able to be so widely and instantaneously spread, literally around the world.

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What if bloggers used this social empowerment not only to spread information on developments, but also universal community values of concern, compassion  and love ?

Our only world could indeed be a better world.

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I wish you a day filled with love and happiness!

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Shirt and Jumpsuit- Mango ;  pants – Dorothy Perkins ; bag and shoes –        Daniela Lehavi (Israeli Designer)