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Blue mini dress with red detail

blue mini dressThough impossible to anticipate, every so often an item of clothing  that one buys becomes the most useful in one’s cupboard !Such was this particular dress this  past summer – every time I wanted something cool, light and easy to wear my hand went straight to this dress…

straw hat1From past experience I know that this infatuation  with a particular  item of clothing usually does not last beyond one season. I suspect that come next summer I will no longer be so taken with this dress at all. But  today, I am very grateful for its service…

straw hat

red sunglasses

summer blue dress

Did you too  have such an item in your cupboard this summer that simply captivated  you? I would love to hear of it…

Lots of thanks to my photographer Adi Shraga

Have a great week!


What I am wearing: Shades – Andy Wolf; dress – H&M (sold out) also love this one; shoes – Shoemaker (Israeli designer)