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Why you should wear neutral colors

gold frame sunglasses

Neutral colored clothing are an essential  for building a woman’s wardrobe as they can match any other item in your closet. Further more,  Neutral  clothing  add  sophistication and elegance to an outfit.

peach bag2

The neutral colors are: Black, navy, gray, brown, khaki and white (and their tints and shades.)


Nevertheless, beige, cream, gray, ivory or white are not so easy to wear. These light tints emphasis  the paleness of the the face, which is generally not so flattering for your features. Therefore, learning how to mix and match neutral with other statement pieces from your wardrobe is vital in order to look stylish and chic.

snake  print skirt1

I like wearing neutral colors in two ways:                                                                                    1- layering different shades of neutrals. A warm brown skirt will work well with other neutrals, such as creamy tops or black layering.  A light cream dress, paired with buttery brown cardigan or vest will create a great effect when combined with  neutral shoes.                                                                                            

 2- Combining neutrals with bold, bright colors.  In this instance, the neutrals serve as a background color to my statement piece as well as adding a toning down affect to the excitement of a dramatic color.

Try  experimenting with neutrals! They add a lot of versatility to your wardrobe. Don’t fall into the rut of wearing the same color combinations over and over again.

peach bag

gold neckless

black piptoe shoesWhat I am wearing  : top – Zara ; skirt – Maya Negri ; shoes – Weekend ; bag – Dorothy Perkins

Thank you for reading and have a lovely week!