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Casual feel good Friday : Blue shirt and burgundy

boukle jersey

Unlike the rest of the West, in Israel we do work on Sundays, our days off being Fridays and Saturdays. Lately I began attending a Friday series of lectures on the subject of “Change, crisis and growth”.

casual outfit

bourgundy hat

The latest lecture was about the importance of  routine and habit in the  balance in our life. Civilization and cultures are comprised of habits and traditions, that themselves enable a steady evolution. The national and ethnic holidays we keep each and every year, the regularity of Sabbath meals with our families and even  the regular exercise routine we maintain, all contribute to our sense of balance, order and belonging. Indeed,  as with personal fashion, they help anchor our sense of who we are.This in turn helps us to cope with  the challenges  and frequent crises that beset modern life.

black boots

At the same time, we also do need passion and change in our life. Going beyond our comfort zones, living abroad away from our family for a while,  skipping regular exercise, occasionally indulging in less than healthy meals, vegetating in front of TV  instead of cooking the evening meal… the list is endless. We each  have our long break-out list  and a good few special, delicious sins!

casual Friday

Healthy life is about balancing regular routine with passionate change, both of which are extremely important.

blue shirt

I also wish to share with you that an outfit of mine appeared in the fashion web magazine “Fabulous After 40”, in an article on how to wear white in winter. Some great advice – do have a look- http://www.fabulousafter40.com/how-to-wear-white-this-winter/

What I am wearing: Jeans shirt – Mango (similar here), chunky knit cardigan – old  (like this one) Fedora hat – Miss Selfridge -sold out- (similar here), leather looking leggings- Mango (love this one), bag – Celine , boots – Caligula, clock neackless – heirloom from my mother in law.

Have a wonderful week! Sara