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Insights – after a year of blogging

emeralds and jade10

It has been one full year since I started this blog. I have committed myself to post once a week on  subjects which I love : fashion, art and travel.

white leather braclet

What an experience it has been. What a journey…

emeralds and jade4

I get asked often what is the key to successful blogging : So now, after 64 posts that I have written, many new blogger friends and couple hundred followers , I think I can say that I have learned a few things…

emeralds and jade7

One  important thing I learned is that one has to sociable in two arenas : Firstly, through the social media. Twitter, Pinterest , Stumbleupon and Facebook, which are  social sites that  drive  a lot  of traffic to my blog. Secondly, you have to interact with other peoples blogs . Just as one likes others to write and comment on your post and acknowledge  your efforts,  so do the others  too…

emeralds and jade8

It is also very important to  Be Consistent!

If you set out to write once a week or once a month , whichever , stick to it and preferably on the same day of the week! Your followers will get to expect your post. Sticking by your commitment will encourage them to follow your blog. emeralds and jade5

I thought the dress which I am wearing in this post, adorned with emeralds and precious stones, befits the one year blogging celebration. Hope you agree !


I   take this opportunity to thank my devoted, talented and good spirited husband who has not fail me as a photographer. Thank you dear!

To all of you, my followers, thank you for the constant encouragement and comments. I hope we will have another wonderful blogging year , filled with fun and creativity!

dress – H&M ; shoes – Legazzelle Italy ; bag – Reisse ; jade bangle – from my trip to China.