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Art – When steel becomes butter

Yaacov Dorchin

Recently I visited the  sculpture exhibition of the artist Yaacov Dorchin.

Dorchin creates metal artworks, both small and big, which leave the spectator  flabbergasted at their hard bulk appearance, yet soft like butter impression.

Yaacov Dorchin

In his artistic processes, Dorchin collects from junk yards  discarded  pieces of metal and steel and through manipulation, welding and joining, creates lyrical and majestic sculptures. The rusted steel parts, which  in their past were tools, machinery and parts of cars  come alive through transformation into an abstract, often floating, other.


In 2012 Dorchin received the prestigious Israel Prize For The Arts. In their explanation for awarding the prize the judges said:” Dorchin’s art bring together many contradictions- delicacy and power, balance and instability, industrial realism and ancient culture. His works are minimal, concise and simultaneously both  hard and soft”.

yaacov dorchin3

Dorchin was born in 1946 in Haifa, Israel. Since 1969 he exhibited in many galleries in Israel and the rest of the world including USA, Japan and Europe.

yaacov dorchin1

I saw the exhibition with my husband, who  loves steel sculpture and Dorchin’s work in particularly.  I had to eventually push him out  of the gallery as  he just  couldn’t bring himself to leave and wanted to take all the pieces home…

Remember my post on the Scandinavian artist Sandra Backlund who designs clothing/sculptures out of heavy wool, paper and more?

I had a similar sense when observing Dorchin’s work of how an object or material  is manipulated in such a way that it transcends its own innate, intrinsic character, to become suggestive of its opposite.

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