Dare to wear a red skirt

red and whiteAs a fashion stylist I often get to reorganize  my clients’ cupboard. We discard what no longer fits and shop for new items to enhance their best attributes. While doing so, I am often surprised to discover that many women shy away from bright colors, especially the color red. I think red is a fabulous color that could suit women of all complexions. Furthermore, red  is a very versatile color and would match many looks and combinations.

black side bag I am wearing a red skirt with white and black and some extra fun colors in the sandals. I can think of many other ways to wear this red skirt:

-with a colorful shirt that has a similar red shade in it.

-with a white T, a blue jacket and a yellow bag for fun.

– with an evening elegant and feminine  black top

– and even with a jeans jacket and a bright scarf

colorful shoes

If you do not yet own a red skirt, treat yourself to one and play around. Dare to have fun!

black bag

red sunglassesThank you so much for reading. Hope you have a great week!

Also many thanks to my photographer Keren Nimrod Malka


What I am wearing: top – Koton ; skirt – Asos (see all these amazing red skirts from Asos); sandals – Caligula (old) .



17 responses to “Dare to wear a red skirt

  1. Lovely and so are the floral soul sandals

  2. Great skirt! And I love how you styled it!

  3. Love the red skirt on you! Amazing!!

  4. You look so stylish in this outfit! I totally agree with you, red can look good on all skin colors. That’s why I am in love with all bright colors 😉

  5. Very nice blog! Thank you for leaving a comment! I am following!

  6. Very nice blog! Thank you for leaving a comment! I am following!

    This skirt and the white top are so nice for the hot weather.

  7. I love bright colors…especially reds and oranges because they are definitely flattering and feminine colors. I love this full skirt and with the white lace, makes for a great outfit.

  8. I do love wearing red and have a very similar skirt I purchased from H&M. You can never go wrong with a classic combo like black, white & red.

    Thank you so much for joining TBT fashion link up and I hope to see you next week!


  9. Red is not my colour, but looking at the images it is definitely YOURS! You look fab and the skirt is amazing. Thanks for stopping by at my blog 🙂
    Anami, xx

  10. Great skirt! I love the shape! And I like how you matched your shoes with this look!

    xo T.

  11. What a lovely, simple and casual look! Red has always been one of my favourite colours, although I’m careful to stick to cooler shades of red (work better with very fair skin).

  12. nofearoffashion

    No fear of red in my closet. Neither of fuchsia, yellow, bright green… It so depends on what suits you. (I can even wear neon colours without looking cheap. Well… at least not in my opinion LOL,) As far as the colour red is concerned, I agree with you Sara, most women can wear it. And if not near your face, than in details or as a skirt or trousers. I think you look smashing in your red skirt. Very well. styled.

  13. So elegant in this fresh combination! Kiss kiss

  14. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Loving your Lady in Red look … and how right you are. If you wear it as well as you do, you should keep the closet stocked! Extra pretty with the lacy top … great lenght, tool

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