Vacation within a vacation – weekend in Amsterdam


Hope you are well today…

While on our annual vacation in Greece, my husband had to attend an urgent meeting in Amsterdam. We decided to turn it into a weekend away within a long vacation. What a life…

As I am learing to work with photoshop, this is my first collage… not bad, don’t you agree?

A photoshoot of an outfit taken in Amsterday will follow shortly…. with an interesting red jacket…

All the best, Sara


8 responses to “Vacation within a vacation – weekend in Amsterdam

  1. So many beautiful pictures, like it.

  2. ThanksToFashion

    Beautiful Sara,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog and letting know about your blog. I love your style and photos.
    Would you be interested in liking and following each other’s blog on Instagram and Facebook? I always follow and like back 🙂

    Love from Vienna,
    Mahshid مهشید

  3. Thanks for sharing the snap shots of Amsterdam. They are very interesting!


  4. A fantastic collage Sara! So artistic and beautiful! I look forward to seeing your outfit and I know it will be fashionable! I’ve been to Amsterdam and really enjoyed walking around the city with all the canals, a charming city!

    Have a fashionable week!

    ♥ carmen

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