Why every women should own a good black skirt

gray and black

We have all heard about the value of the little black dress, brought to life as a cocktail or  evening dress  by Coco Chanel back in 1924. However, the value of owning a good little black skirt has not been discussed.  As a stylist, when I work with  clients who possess neither a black dress nor a black skirt, I always   suggest a good black skirt rather than the black dress.

black healed shoes

Contrary to the consensus,  I feel that every women should first of all  have a little good black skirt. A black skirt is  a more versatile  item of clothing then the black dress,  as it  can be dressed up or down and be worn to different occasions – to a cocktail party or to the office, depending on the accompanying  shirt,  shoes and accessories .

Want to wear your black skirt to a party? Wear it with a dramatic shirt which has  an interesting cut or material, high heels, bold jewelry and a small clutch. If you want to wear it to the office – match your black skirt with a buttoned shirt, a subtle jewelry…

Because the little black skirt  can be worn to many occasions and fulfill many needs,  one will have more use of it and a good return on the purchase money, as opposed to the black dress which will sit mostly in the cupboard.

gray top

I am not saying do not buy a black dress at all ,but rather that if there is a budget choice to be made , I will always go for the skirt first.

I have a few black skirts, each with a different twist to it. One is above the knee while the other is a little  below the knee. I use them much more then I use the one little  black dress I have in my cupboard.


dress jewelry

I like pairing black with grey as I think it makes for a very elegant look.

What do you think about the little black dress verses the little black skirt?

Have a lovely week,


What I am wearing:  skirt – Armani (vintage) ; top – H&M; shoes – Christian Louboutin ; necklace – Mango


13 responses to “Why every women should own a good black skirt

  1. Great basic pieces go a really long way!
    Looking gorgeous!

  2. Very nice! I too love a black skirt (and have four or five at any moment). Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look fab and so chic.

  3. Your outfit looks very interesting.
    I have several black dresses, haven’t worn any of them since I had to attend several funerals some 4 years ago, can’t stand black anymore, probably because of that (elderly relatives, nothing so dramatic, but still…). And I have exactly 2 skirts, both black, hardly ever wear them. I’m a dress girl, dresses seem to fit me better whereas skirts ride up towards my armpits… Not a good look. Plus, a dress is easy: one piece and you’re done…

    • Hi Tina, thanks for responding. If your skirts are “riding up towards your armpits”, as your said, I suspect you have an H shape body which is the type of body needing to create an illusion and accentuate the hip (the hour glass shape). Dresses are also great, but make sure they do the hip illusion and do not give you a boxy shape. Sara

  4. I adore this outfit! The statement necklace really pops over the grey and black. I am not one for wearing skirts or dresses…having said that, I happen to be wearing a skirt today. For someone who doesn’t wear a skirt often, a black one is perfect because as you’ve suggested-it’s a timeless piece.

    • Hi Holli, I do not know how hot are your summers, but where I live it gets so hot that I cant stand wearing anything but skirts and dress. I must have some fresh air between my legs, if you know what I mean…
      Thanks for commenting,

  5. You are absolutely right…never underestimate the power of a lbs! I have several…and just like black shoes you can almost never have enough in different lengths and cuts. You look great in this look! Love the necklace and the skirt too (of course!) 🙂 xx…Cortneybre..

  6. That is a great skirt. Love the slit. I love it paired with that peplum top as well.

  7. Suuuuuper sleek! 😉

  8. So classy look. Perfect combination. Love it.

  9. jangrahammcmillen

    What a good reminder. Gorgeous skirt, and that top is no shrinking violet! I love it a lot! You look lovely and spot-on as always. I have a couple of favorites, one a pencil with leather panel and a wrap skirt, among a few others … I need to get them all out and rethink them. It really feels like a good time in spite of the season, doesn’t it? Excellent post. Thank you!

  10. Great fashion advice Sara! I concur: the little black skirt is more versatile to dress up or down, and you’ll get a lot more wear and value from it. You are pure elegance, my dear!! 🙂

    ❤ carmen

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