My travel outfit to India

blue jacket

Those of you who have been  following my blog for a while may remember that I love traveling and that I do so a few times a year. In 2013 I spent extensive time in Greece, China and South Africa and now I am on my way for my first ever visit to India.


When traveling I stick to comfortable clothes: flat shoes that can come off very easily when I take a nap on the plane, loose trousers, and a cotton shirt or at least one that has very little synthetic fiber in it. I often get cold on the  plane so even in summer I travel with a jacket and  pair of socks which I keep in my bag.

white fedora hat

Although I will be spending 3 weeks in India I have taken a small suitcase and very little clothes. For the next 3 weeks will  keep all concerns about fashion and clothing at a distance . I’m looking ( and dressing) for a sense of proportion!

leopard print shoes

Over the next few weeks I am hoping to share with you some of my travel experiences, starting with the city of Rishikesh.

I have not planned beyond landing there so lets see where this adventure takes me.

What I am wearing: blazer – Mango (old, also love this one); denim shirt – Mango (like this one); mothers jeans – Levis (old); Leopard flat shoes ; bag – vintage

Have a good week and enjoy the amazing blossom all around!



16 responses to “My travel outfit to India

  1. Very chic and practical outfit especially like the hat.

  2. Love the outfits! So good to know you are travelling to India. I am from India too! 🙂 Which cities will you be visiting?

    • Thank you Sarmistha, I will be visiting the north of the country as the it is too hot now to be in the south, starting with Rishikesh.. Where are you from in India?

  3. Tres chic! Happy travels – I’ll be checking for your India posts! Sounds so exciting! Cortneybre..

  4. Ideal look and especially love your leo flats, Sara.
    Have a great time in India. I have been to the Far East numerous times but I have never been to India. Looking forward to your photos!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. Stopping by from Visible Monday to tell you have a wonderful trip with your very chic self 🙂

  6. jangrahammcmillen

    You always give us such a great treat with your travel photos. Looking forward to what you have to say and show us! You look ready for anything your flight dishes out, and prettily prepared for your trip. Hope you have a safe and fascinating journey.

  7. very chic travel outfit, enjoy India!!!

  8. I just love your shoes! Comfy and stylish at the same time.
    Have a nice trip, looking forward to seeing your photos. Your outfits are always so great.

  9. Looking good sweetie – hope you are having a fantastic time!

  10. You look relaxed and really cool! The blazer adds a chic look to a casual outfit. The fedora tops it off perfectly, Sara! I love your shoes, I have a similar pair, ballet flats are so comfortable and feminine.

    Love all your travel photos, have a fabulous time!!

    Bon Voyage!!

    ❤ carmen

  11. Very chic and fashionable yet extremely fashionable! Love it! Thanks for stopping by earlier!

    xo, Kenya

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