How to wear lace slip dress from a second hand shop

I have been writing for some time for an Israeli online magazine on the subject of fashion. My latest post had to do with the  trend of wearing lace slip as a dress.

The lace slip can be worn in many creative ways: under a Jersey, a jacket, or a shirt to reveal mostly the bottom part. It can also be worn as a dress, Victoria Beckham style,  with an elegant clutch and high heeled shoes. My favorite way is with a biker leather jacket for an edgy contrast

main.original.466x530 (1)

The other wonderful thing about this trend is that one can find beautiful lace slip dresses in second hand shops  thereby paying much less and helping  the environment.


As I am very fond of second hand shops I went out, as part of writing this post, for a tour in second hand shops in Tel-Aviv searching for lace slips. Here is what I came up with :

תחרה לבן

This amazing white slip dress reminded me of Kylie Minogue‘s version


These are some other lovely finds


Here is a suggestion of how to team a lace slip dress with a light summery top

ורוד וסגול

I hope this post made you love this Spring-Summer lace slip trend as much as I do. If so, do venture to the second hand shops in your area as you may discover some great finds!

Have a lovely day,



7 responses to “How to wear lace slip dress from a second hand shop

  1. I love your blog!!!!! And this is too cute you should so check mine out it has lots of fashion aspects 🙂

  2. Loved it!
    Do check my blog out and fill me in with your comments


  3. Lady of Style

    Not easy to wear but it can work very well. I have a beige-golden lace pencil skirt which I pair with a black blazer and heels for going out and feel very confident in it.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. As one quickly approaching 40 I wouldn’t have thought I could pull this look off but I really like the way you paired the dress with the summery top! I’ll have to reconsider this look for me. The slip dresses are so beautiful; Love the fabric! Cortneybre

  5. Hey, just wanted to say, love the blog! Keep up the amazing work. Can’t wait to see more from you. 🙂

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