How to dress for a slimming affect

gray print shirt

Our body is the only one we have and therefore we should cherish and accept  it just the way it is, slim or fat, short or tall. For those interested in creating the appearance of a slimmer body, one can use a few simple optical illusions.

gold printed shirt

Optical illusion no. 1 – Wearing dark colors. We all knows that black gives the appearance of less volume, but this is also true about all  dark colors! Dresses in dark blue, dark green, grays etc will create an illusion of a slimmer body.  Further more, all dark colors when placed next to a light color will give the illusion of a slimmer outline. If you are heavier on the top, wear a darker color on top. If you are heavier around the bottom- wear a darker color at the bottom.

black midi skirt

Optical illusion no. 2 – Wearing vertical lines. Use vertical lines to your advantage, for example with a long crease down your trousers, in vertical striped shirts or skirts, in the vertical lines in your stocking and so on. The closer the lines are to one another, the stronger the slimming effect achieved.

black and gold dress jewelry

black striped leggings

What I am wearing: top – Zara (also like this) ; cardigan- Zara (similar this); skirt – Renuar (love this ); booties – Gazith(a great pair) ; necklace – Mango; tights – Emilio Cavallini 

Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

Have a wonderful week! Sara


10 responses to “How to dress for a slimming affect

  1. Sara, your lesson in aesthetics, by color and design, is superb. It is a brilliant exposition. I like your look, I really like the shirt, with this beautiful pattern, and the skirt is cute. Are these skirts that so well they look you. I really like the necklace, clutch, and your stockings, so sophisticated. I also think your hairstyle very successful with this look.

  2. What a lovely head-to-toe look, Sara. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. Your portrait photo is beautiful, Sara and as Josep-Maria already mentioned, your hair up looks fabulous.
    Love the silhouette your dark look created!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. jangrahammcmillen

    Even your hair style is slimming! Pretty outfit, too. Your shirt has it’s own interest … a bit like a golden breastplate. Very Athenian! We all want to learn to look slimmer.

  5. Looking as chic as ever, Sara! Love your look and your hair look amazing!

  6. lovely outfit on you!
    Please check out our blog at
    Ps. you can also post your blog posts straight to our website to get featured!

  7. You looked absolutely mah-vah-lous!!!! Love those tights and that necklace.

  8. Gorgeous outfit! Love the play on pattern!

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