What to wear to a Friday morning lecture?

blue lace top

I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, we are attending a series of lectures  on the subject of “Change”. In the last lecture the Lecturer spoke about Enlightenment- not in the religious sense but  about the possibility of  a single, unique  moment in our life to lead us to make a  big change…

leopoard pumps and bag

Have you ever experienced  a defining moment in which something happened around you and you suddenly got a new understanding about your life and what you need to do to improve it? This moment can occur during a creative moment but can also happen as a result of an exchange with an anonymous interloper: a word of  a person or a sentence in a movie…

blue lace top2

But, I am bubbling here, I got side tracked from the heading of this post which is about the most important this in life – what to wear? To the previous lecture I wore a skirt which proved to be very uncomfortable- the skirt was too short, my legs got cold, the writing pad on my stocking  didn’t “feel” good.. all these and more led me to wear trousers this time.. nothing like being warm and comfortable…

black white and leopard


leopard pumps2

leopard pumps

blue trousers

white jacket

What I am wearing : lace top – Crazy line; jacket – Twentyfourseven; trousers – Studio Pasha;  animal print bag – bought on my trip to China last year;  animal print shoes – Jeffry Campbell

I would love to read your comments on any of the above..and in the meantime have a wonderful week!



11 responses to “What to wear to a Friday morning lecture?

  1. The perfect set, a cultured, and elegant woman. Your look is gorgeous, and I’m sure, much more comfortable than wearing a skirt, whether as nice as yours. The blouse pattern is very beautiful, and the combination of white and navy, is a success. A casual style, but very balanced, elegant and with a touch of sophistication on shoes. The Sara, most modern, and fashionable.

  2. Such a lovely, beautifully put-together look! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. And today I will contemplate the moments of enlightenment in my life, thanks for this.

    • Thank you Patti for your comment and for making it possible to join you on Visible Monday. It is indeed a great way to get to know other fashion bloggers as well as see their outfits. Sara

  3. Love the blue and white color combination. The printed top looks beautiful 🙂

  4. Such a lovely outfit and great set of pictures. The blue and white looks great on you and love the stylish bag. You are inspiring me to add some brown to blue to a blue outfit. It is a fabulous mix!

    blue hue wonderland

  5. I love that top! The print is gorgeous! And yes, I agree with you – when I used to teach, I preferred pants over skirts. I always felt more comfortable covered up. But if I wore skirts, I “practiced” in them from all angles and never wore tights or hose because of static! Long live pants!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  6. jangrahammcmillen

    I’m becoming such a fan of blue and leopard and black … you look beautiful, but also centered and calm and awake and interested. Great place to be to attend a lecture! I’m interested in your posts about this phenomenon. I couldn’t tell you the exact subject or idea that hit me so hard, but I know what you mean about this flash, this epiphany that can change your life forever. Will be interested to hear your comments when the course is finished!

  7. So effortless chic, Sara! Great look with your white blazer.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  8. When you dress casual, you still look chic! Blue and white – great Israeli colours! 🙂 Love the design on your blouse! Wearing a jacket rather than a cardigan, and pumps instead of sneakers, really gives this outfit an elegant look.

    To live is to change.
    ♥ carmen

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