Hard and soft: Green leather jacket & dusty pink skirt

green biker leather jacket

Happy Monday everyone!

As I’ve often written ,  one of the things that guides  and interests me most when putting  an outfit together is the texture of materials. I think that combining textures is an overlooked element that makes an outfit special. Smooth v. coarse, hard v. soft and so on. In this outfit the contrasts are in double – the materials being leather  versus the silk shirt and skirtand also in terms of the associations – harsh biker leather jacket versus the delicacy and softness of silk maxi skirt.

camel shoesjade bangels

dusty pink skirt

dusty pink skirt 1

dusky pink shirt

What I am wearing: leather jacket – Mekimi (Israeli designer) ; shirt – Zara ; skirt – Pull&Bear -( old also like this one) ; earnings – Dama ; shoes -she’s (love these Stuard Weitzman )

Happy contrasting.

I am joining DCinstyle this week. Pay me a visit.



14 responses to “Hard and soft: Green leather jacket & dusty pink skirt

  1. Lady of Style

    Beautiful, Sara! I adore this colour combination and love your mix of textures and style. Already pinned your look!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. A look absolutely beautiful, I love it. I love the combination of colors, the combination of textures, and the beautiful design of the two-piece jacket and skirt, which is cute. I think it’s a great aesthetic proposal, combining, as you say, the strength of the jacket with the soft, sweet and attractive skirt. Maybe because I’m in love with the maxi skirts, but this outfit seems to me wonderful. You look lovely with it.

  3. Thanks Josep, I know you are more of a maxi man, so after the short dress of my last post, this one is especially for you… Sara

  4. you look fantastic! love the color combination and the skirt and jacket!

  5. you are so right about contrasting textures… this is an awesome outfit and you look very chic!

    Found your blog via Monday Bloom link up… hope you stop by and let me know your thoughts on my outfit 🙂
    Rhea, Et Cetera – chevron dress & blazer

  6. Great combination of hard and soft.. so well balanced!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  7. Beautiful look- I love the dusty pink skirt!

  8. Isn’t it interesting how feminine a leather jacket can look? And how much fun it can be to wear leather and chiffon together! You look completely alive and lovely and happy!

  9. beautiful maxi skirt, it goes so well with the tough leather jacket!
    fabulous as always!

  10. Gorgeous mixing of textures – the hard and soft (although the leather does look awfully buttery :)) And I agree, I especially like mixing textures when I’m wearing clothes in the same color palette, but hadn’t really thought about it when they aren’t. Thanks for opening my eyes!
    xo ~kim

  11. This is a lovely look and a beautiful colour combination. The jacket is so well cut that it remains feminine yet gives a bit of ‘attitude’ to the outfit. And pale pink is THE colour of the moment!

  12. I love how this skirt flows and the color is beautiful.

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