Favorite outfits and travel photos for 2013

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 2013 was a blessed year for me in terms of travel and creativity. I spent part of the year abroad in China, Greece and South Africa, experiencing a foreign  culture in one place, while  fortunate to be able to re-join old friends in another place. Here are some of the favorite outfits I published throughout 2013- (Click on any of the photos and they will become a slide show)

 These are just a few of the  images from my travels this  last year:

2013 was  also a very creative year for me in my art. I painted a lot and felt enormous growth. You can see some of my works on my website  www.saraehrlich.com

Thank you all for your interest ,support and encouragement.

May 2014 bless you with great health, love,  passion and and fun!

Lets have more fun in 2014!



7 responses to “Favorite outfits and travel photos for 2013

  1. A beautiful summary. Some outfits, and looks magnificent. The photos from your trips have been a great gift. Happy New Year, Sara.

  2. Yes, let’s have lots of fun in 2014. Happy travelling… Where have you got planned this year?

    • Thank you for commenting. I am planning a long trip to India in April, August, like every year I will spend in Greece, and hopefully a few times to Johannesburg to visit my son… What are you looking forward to this year? Sara

      • Sorry for the late reply – have only just discovered how to find replies to comments on sites other than my own when I’m using my phone, which is usually!
        Am very excited about my trip to Tokyo in April….. Greece is a place I would very much love to show my daughter. You must miss your son in Johannesburg!

  3. Lovely memories of 2013 Sara!! I remember all these beautiful outfits and have liked and commented on many of them. Watching the slideshow was fun! I enjoy all your travel photos too!! Looking forward to more fashion fun in 2014!! 🙂

    ♥ carmen

    BTW – I saw you on Fabulous After 40 in your glamorous winter white!!

  4. Thanks Carmen. It has been a great year indeed. Thank you so much for being a constant support. Lets make it a great 2014! Sara

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