Winter whites

brown bag

I returned from sunny South Africa to the worst storm experienced in Israel in over  a 100 years. Being a country usually blessed with sunny hot weather,       the heavy snow  fall and enormous  quantities of water which fell across Israel  caused havoc. Roads were blocked, hundreds of drivers and their families were trapped in their cars in the snow and many homes were disconnected from electricity for over 24 hours.

white skirt

But, this morning, as if nothing has happened  in the previous days, the sun came out and I can venture forth from the house again.

white beany

Inspired by the snow and the magnificent light over Jerusalem, I chose an all white outfit, with a hint of leopard in the belt and shoes.


article-0-16D957FD000005DC-421_964x623Jerusalem’s Old City and Temple Mount covered in snow. At this rate, we may enjoy a white Xmas  in Jerusalem.

white jacket


winter  whites2

red impact

What I am wearing: knitted white beanie hat (similar Asos), Faux fur jacket – Zara (Also love this one from Farfetch), white pencil skirt – Mango (similar Neinman Marcus), leopard belt -similar Nasty Girl, leopard pumps – Jeffry Campbell(old) how about these lovely Manolo Balahnic?

Have a wonderful week! Sara


22 responses to “Winter whites

  1. This outfit is great.

  2. Love your take on winter white! You look so elegant and beautiful! Love the coat!

  3. Snow Queen!!!! Pure elegance! xxx

  4. Lady of Style

    Sara, what an elegant white winter look! I really love it.
    Usually I am not a fan of beanies but yours is so stylish and has more the shape of a hat – beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing the photos of Jerusalem, it does look very pretty indeed.
    We have snow here too.

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • Thank you Annette, I enjoyed putting this outfit together. I do not think that I ever before wore an all white outfit for winter so this was a first for me, and I love it.
      I saw the amazing snow in your photos. I used to live in Munich, a long time ago, so I know how amazing the snow is in this part of the world. But in Israel, which is partly a dessert, snow is very exceptional event. Sara

  5. Amazing to see Jerusalem in the snow!!! Anyway, your white suit looks great. Interesting that you have the same shops as the UK.

  6. I hope you are ok. Snow can be very dangerous when you do not know how to drive on snow and ice. Greetings from Alaska, where we have snow and ice for 6-7 months/year.

  7. You look Fabulous in White. Visiting from VisibleMon. Enjoy!!

  8. Fantastic post Sara–everything from your wonderful winter white fashion to the view of Jerusalem in a blanket of snow! Magical!

    I have a white faux fur jacket that I am planning to do (another) post on during the holidays or January. We are already covered knee-deep in snow and it will be a white Christmas for sure this year. I took some lovely photos of our treehouse and the forest a few days ago.

    So glad you wear faux fur too–you look beautiful!

    Have a great week!
    ♥ carmen

    • Hi Carmen. I am looking forward to your faux fur jacket post. Is it also a white jacket?
      The view of Jerusalem in the snow was truly magical. Although i did not dare drive to see it in my own eyes as the roads were totally blocked, I sat glued to the images shown on t.v. Thank you for your support. Sara

      • Hi Sara! Yes, it’s a white faux fur jacket.
        You look simply fabulous on FABULOUS AFTER 40 online fashion magazine!! ♥

  9. This is a fantastic outfit. I love an all white winter look.
    The weather has certainly been erratic. One day it hot here in the desert and the next day it’s freezing! xoxo

  10. jangrahammcmillen

    Wow … what a beauty you are in white! Love the textures, especially … and ofl course, some leopard!
    We just had a similar event here, with power out for some days. Less snow than dangerous ice that shut our whole world down for several days. Back in business, but frightening! Your photos are so much more interesting than the view of our pasture and the horse pond!
    Have a lovely week.

  11. You look absolutely fabulous in white and I loved the leopard touch, makes it even more elegant.
    I had seen Jesusalem on the news and I envy you all, ladies-who-have-snow for Christmas time. I live in Portugal, close to the ocean, so there is no snow over here, nearly ever.
    Thank you for sharing this beauty, yours and Israel’s.

  12. That is amazing but you looked like a snow bunny in your winter white! Be safe and warm.

  13. beautiful and elegant! we love your outfit!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous style! I LOVE your sunnies and all the accessories are perfect! Hugs, Beata xxx

  15. I must say you look so elegant and beautiful .. !!! Just found your blog , fallen in love with it .. !!

  16. This is a beautiful outfit and you are gorgeous! I love seeing Jerusalem with a touch of snow!

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