Urban chic

black leather jacket1

As you may have guessed by now, this Autumn I am enjoying  the white buttoned  shirt look. In my previous post I  wore a long sleeve white shirt. I find that this look has an edgy masculine feel to it which I like. Just add a fedora hat and the look is complete.

Jacquard pattern shirt

golden jacqard shirt

white collar shirt—-

golden shirt

I am wearing: Shades – Prada, white shirt – Sigal Ephod (Israeli designer), gold &black jacquard top – Twentyfourseven, black trousers – Dorothy Perkins, Leather jacket – Castro (also seen here), bag -Beverly Hills Polo Club,             Velvet pumps – Castro.

Have a great week!



10 responses to “Urban chic

  1. I like this look, Sara, is informal and, at the same time very elegant and attractive. The top, gold and black, is really beautiful. The jacket, hard, is too soft and elegant. I love shoes. A very successful outfit, with a mix of styles, a great success. You look beautiful.

    • Thank you Josep. You are one of the most consistent and flattering of my followers. I appreciate your comments as they indicate a great understanding of style and fashion. Sara

  2. The masculine style of the shirt is very nicely balanced with the print and feminine shoes, giving it a stunning edge! Nice outfit!!

  3. Perfect urban chic! Super top! xxx

  4. The top just speak for itself.. you don’t need anything else, this is perfect!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  5. Have a great week, too!

    I like the street shots – I know that’s not why you posted, but I do enjoy those as well.

    • I know what you mean. I try to do the photo shoot out of the city center in the more industrial part of town. I find the unkempt undeveloped look more appealing and much more interesting visually. Thanks for commenting. Sara

  6. Sara, that’s such a great look, I’d instantly wear this outfit. Unfortunately I don’t have a black leather jacket but love it!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  7. I thought when I clicked in that I was looking at you in your …”earlier youth.” You look about 20 here. Lovely sweater, sweet with the white collar … very schoolgirl with an attitude when the leather is included. Always a beauty, Sara.

    • Thank you Jan. A great post title for the next time I wear a white collar shirt and leather jacket ” school girl look with an attitude” . Thanks for commenting, Sara

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