Textures, patterns, black and white.

black jackared jacket

When I select an item of clothing, the elements which attract my attention are texture and pattern. I enjoy the drama created by ornate materials, especially jacquard weaving.

black striped shirtIn this outfit the jacket is made of Jacquard weave, a fabric in which the design is incorporated into the weave as opposed to being printed or dyed on.The skirt,  made of a silky slightly shiny material generates a smooth and soft texture, in contrast to the jacquard weave.

black striped shirt1

Mixing textures and pattern is ‘in style’ this season, though personally I find the style of additionally mixing in different colors to be a little too clown – like. Here, I stayed with black, but mixed patters and textures, just adding red for some fun…

red pamps

black leather bag

midi a line skirt

What do you think of the materials and patterns on the next lady’s outfit?

I love it!

Ann of Austria by Peter Paul Rubens

Ann of Austria by Peter Paul Rubens

jacket – Raziela (Israeli designer) ; shirt – Zara ; skirt – Frida(Israeli designer) ; belt – Renuar ; shoes – Castro

Thank you for visiting and commenting!  Sara


12 responses to “Textures, patterns, black and white.

  1. That’s gorgeous, Sara! I am not a fan of a colourful pattern mixing but your black & white pattern mix is awesome and very stylish. I really like your whole look with the red colour dash.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. Sara, I love this jacket, it’s cute. And I like the whole look, the shirt and the skirt are beautiful. You are very stylish. The red accents are perfect.

    • Thank you Josep, I have to admit that red is always the color that comes first to my mind when an accent or a hint of color is needed. I need to look at oranges and greens too… for next time… Sara

  3. I adore that jacket. It is lovely!

    • Thank you so much. This jacket has been a favorite of mine for a couple of years also for reasons not obvious in the photos.. it is very well made and got some lovely hidden details like a red inner pocket and so on. It is interesting how some items of clothing serve us more than others… Sara

  4. You have impeccable taste, my dear!! This is just fabulous, down to every detail! Love the textures and pops of colour without looking clownish.

    As for Ann’s outfit – it does not look comfortable or practical. 😉

    ❤ carmen

    • Thank you Carmen. About Ann in Rubens painting, as you say, it does not look very comfortable but it surly is dramatic and grandeur and also practical in the sense that it hides all signs of extra fat!…. Sara

  5. fabulous outfit, we especially love the jacket, so beautiful!!

  6. One of my favorite outfits of yours … everything to love. Jacquard patterns are so varied! They can be modern or very traditional, and they always are richer and more substantial than printed fabrics. Great combinations … I especially love your striped top, so feminine! Finally, the pink is a lovely color to add to the neutral palette. You must really enjoy wearing this outfit … it looks like you do!

  7. Love these textured looks! And black as the background for your creativity – perfect. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

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