Shocking pink !

pink silk dress

I loved this silk dress the moment I saw it during my April travels  in China this year. I fell for the shocking pink color, the simple flowing and flattering cut and the way the pockets are hidden on the wide sides. But, once I put the dress on and saw how short it was, shorter then I have ever dare ware,  I realized it is not for me…

shocking pink  mini dress

Until, my husband, who also happened to like the dress,  insisted I take it, not bothered by its length at all. So here I am…

bib necklass

I think wearing this dress with a black or gray leggings will solve my problem with its length, don’t you think?

pink dress and ankle boots

I teamed it up with a bib and a long pearl necklaces while the snake pattern of the bag adds some needed texture to the outfit.

gray leather bag

pearl neacklass

I wish you a healthy and happy week!



14 responses to “Shocking pink !

  1. Sara, I think this dress is beautiful, the color and design. The fabric looks so soft and delicate. I think you look beautiful with it. I do not like short dresses, but I think this does not exceed the limit so elegant, I think is the proper length to be attractive and not be excessive. But the important thing is that you feel comfortable with it. I see you gorgeous.

  2. …Pretty in Pink! Very nice! Happy Monday

  3. Beautiful dress! Love the styling. All the jeweleries are so beautiful! You look gorgeous! 🙂

  4. I think the length is great! You’ve got the legs for it!

  5. Fashionista In Suburbia

    Adore this dress!

  6. Lovely dress!! I love the pearls with it! Very chic!

  7. I’m loving pink too! Bold and fun!! I have several outfits in shocking pink. You look beautiful and you have the legs for this length. You go girl!!

    The accessories go well and your manicure is lovely!

    Have a great week!!
    ❤ carmen

  8. I think you look truly fabulous. I’m glad your husband insisted that you get it. If anything, the loose shape and long sleeves make it seem much more conservative, and your great legs give it “oomph”. Love how you styled it with the boots and necklaces, too.

  9. Lovely and if hubby liked it – that makes it even lovelier!

  10. beautiful dress – such an amazing color on you! and we love how you put it together with the boots, making it more edgy!

  11. Fabulous shape..striking colour! x

  12. I really like this dress, good thing you took it from your husband’s suggestion. Shows your legs and provides a fun range of accessories to pair it with!!~

  13. J’adore this dress! Any ideas where I might purchase it, aside from going to China? Would love it in pale blue.

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