Friday I love – A new category

 what’s in a shoe

As a blogger I scout the internet and come across many items that move me, one way or another. It can be a beautiful photograph, an item of clothing, certainly a delectable recipe . Once a week I hope to share with you that special something that has taken my fancy.

I saw this beautiful shoe on Jimmy Choo website and was simply captured  by it.


Such a naughty foot ware, tassels moving with every step, the sexy high heel combined with a royal mauve and elegant silver.

Any women wearing these shoes need not bother about the rest of her outfit. a black dress will suffice.

This matching purse can be a wonderful but not essential  addition ( if you have the matching pocket for it!)


Have a great weekend! Sara


7 responses to “Friday I love – A new category

  1. The clutch purse is brilliant… It seems as if it could move! If left unattended…colors majestic.

  2. Fashionista In Suburbia

    Those are gorgeous! You have exquisite taste!!

  3. These are outstanding choices. Great colors and the design is exquisite!

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Lady of Style

    Awesome! Can I have both please?

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. I just read a quote from Alber Elbaz, wherein he advised women to let accessories dominate our look.
    He said, “Since women spend more on their shoes and jewelry and are more adventurous with their choices, they can indulge in the luxury of framing a simple, well-tailored dress with a complementary extravagance. OK, you need balance. Don’t empty the vault! But each accessory should be a showstopper.”

    Sara, you’re in grand company. Lovely shoes and bag. Sigh …

  6. WOW! The shoe!!!!

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