The last summer promenade

dark clouds approchingYesterday began as any regular summer day. The sun was scorching, temperatures reached 32 degrees and my air conditioning worked from the early hours of the the day. At 17:00 hubby and I decided to stretch our feet  along the beach. Within a matter of minutes the color of the sky changed from bright blue to  gray and rain pelted down.

dark clouds and palm trees

Unlike some other places in the world where it is common to get  mid-summer rain, in Israel every day, with no exception, is a dry day.  So you may understand my excitement at this first early sign of Autumn and the approaching Winter

—————fishing at sunset


black sea and a sailboat2

a strawl by the beach

It Is Nice
When Someone Holds
An Umbrella For You In The
Rain …
It Is  Most Wonderful
If Someone Holds Your Hand
And Runs Crazily With You
In The Rain

Tel Aviv sea side

Tel Aviv sea side1———

thretening clouds

Have A Wonderful Autumn!



7 responses to “The last summer promenade

  1. Beautiful photos and nice look. Rain and beach, nice feeling.

    • Thanks Josep, while people were packing up their belonging to quickly leave the beach I only enjoyed and saw the first rain as a great reason to stay at the beach…

  2. You, too, Sara. Thank you for beautiful photos and words.

  3. Beautiful photos, Sara! I understand you are looking forward to some rain and the cooler saison. Not so much here, I wish summer would last much longer before the long, cold and g and cold winter season starts…

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • Summer is long, hot and humid here while winter is mild and not so cold. Winter provides some release from the airconditioning and is the best time to wonder the streets, take walks, and be in nature… Thanks for commenting. Sara

  4. beautiful photos!

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