How to wear a midi skirt

satin spotted shirt

You may know by now that midi skirts are anticipated to be  a big trend in the coming fall. Shops are already offering midi skirts in a variety of materials and colors.

I decided to write this post as I  heard from a friend that “she does not think that she has the calves for it” and therefore will not venture to buy a midi skirt.

black clach bag

While I agree that midi skirts may be a challenge,  they are also so elegant and stylish (so much more than a mini skirt..)

satin white skirt

These are  my tips to wearing a midi skirt:

– Always have your shirt tucked in the skirt, otherwise the look will be too drab.

– Wear a belt – this will accentuate your waist and create an illusion of long legs

– As a midi skirt covers a large section of your lower body, try to have a smaller top, one that will reveal a little skin, for balance

– If you are not very tall, wear your midi skirt with heals, preferably thin strap sandals or classic pumps

black clach bag1

brown and gold sandals

I considered wearing black pumps with this outfit but while trying it on, it occurred to me that beige or brown sandals,  closer to the body color tone, will have a better affect as they elongate the legs even more.

brown and gold sandals1

Here are a few successful midi skirts outfits I found on the web:


Shirt tucked in, baring arms and cleavage, while lovely feminine shoes pull this midi outfit together.


Another great look!

with a silk blouse

Once temperatures drop  and baring some skin is out of the question, a buttoned fitted shirt and a  short jacket  will do the trick as long as the heeled shoes are allowed to do their bit.

אולי ידוע לכן שחצאיות המידי חוזרות בסתו הקרוב לאפנה, ובגדול.החלטתי להעלות את הפוסט הזה לאחר שחברתי הטובה ליאורה הכריזה חד משמעית שמאחר ו”אין לה את הרגליים המתאימות לחצאיות מידי” לא תלבש חצאית כזו.

אמנם נדרש תכנון כלשהו לקראת לבישת חצאית מידי, אך לדעתי המאמץ הקטן כדאי ביותר. חצאית המידי מעניקה ללובשת אותה מראה ארוך, יפה ואלגנטי (הרבה יותר מכל חצאית מיני…)

להלן מספר הנחיות שיבטיחו זאת:

– לבשי חולצה ישרה ולא מתרחבת והקפידי להכניס אותה לתוך החצאית כדי למנוע מראה רחב ומרושל

– הקפידי להוסיף חגורה, והניחי אותה באזור הצר ביותר בגופך.  זה יבטיח מראה של רגליים ארוכות ומותן צרה

– מאחר וחצאית המידי מכסה את רוב החלק התחתון בגוף, לבשי חולצה מעט חשופה או לפחות כזו שתחשוף מעט עור, לצורך איזון.

– מומלץ לנעול סנדלי עקב בעלי רצועה דקה או נעלי עקב קלסיות שיאריכו את הגוף וייצרו אשליה של רגליים ארוכות

My outfit: Shirt – Zara (from last year); skirt – Dorit &Yael (Israeli designers) ; shades – RayBan ; sandals – Clark’s; clutch – vintage ; belt – Mango; gold necklace- family heirloom from my mother .

I am linking up with Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style for her Visible Monday series.
Please pay her blog on how to look authentic and beautiful in our middle years a visit.

23 responses to “How to wear a midi skirt

  1. You know dress very well, this kind of skirts! You got style and elegance. It is a piece that fits perfectly to your silhouette. This you are wearing today, is beautiful, with that delicate fabric, the neutral color and the beautiful flight. The top is cute and the belt is perfect in the outfit. I love your sandals, that pretty. It is a good decision not to wear black. A beautiful look, you are elegant and very attractive.

  2. The challenge about midi skirts is taking away any hint of looking frumpy… You have done a great job as your styling is excellent and you show some cleavage with your gorgeous silk top and I also love your accessories like your fabulous chain belt!
    I also really like the fuller midi skirts too but haven’t personally taken up on that challenge yet 😉

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. I’ll bear that in mind. Over 40 I may be, but probably best if I don’t start wearing these 🙂

  4. You look super chic! The shoes are fab!

  5. Great tips. I never wear midi skirts as they always seemed frumpy to me. I guess the thing is to keep everything else fresh and young. Love all your images. Maybe I will be brave this season 😉

  6. You look wonderful! I too love a midi skirt, all year around. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  7. I am sold… I can’t wait to pull out my midi’s…and of course shop for some more! Excellent post!

  8. Hi gorgeous lady!
    You wear them well!! So lovely!
    I’m still kicking. Hopefully will return to blogland soon.
    Love ya!

  9. Hello, Sara! Your post reminds me that I need to go diving in the back of my closet to find a couple of drop-waisted, silky skirts that have felt too long in the past. Now is their moment! So many skirts hit me below the knee … lots of opportunities to try this now. I take your point about nude heels. Good idea.
    You look lovely and casually-polished. Charming!

  10. You look stunning. LOVE the shoes.

  11. אהבתי את הפוסט מאוד…את הלוק,ההמלצות ואותך במידי!!!!

  12. You are so on trend with the midi skirt fall fad. Love your tips, and how you’ve styled your midi! Great post!
    XOXO N & N

  13. You look classy, but then you always do!! Your tips on wearing midi length skirts are right on. Love the shoes!!

    Fashion is fun!!
    ❤ carmen

  14. I tried to leave a comment before but I couldn´t. I am also following you, and you are already in my bloroll.I don´t want to miss any of your coming posts.
    I am sure we are going to be great blogger friends.

  15. The midi skirt is a classic and I am glad you chose the tan shoes as the black would be too harsh. Looking good as always!

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