The island of Hydra ,Greece

hidra view1

We took the water taxi  for a beautiful cruise to the island of Hydra.

hidra port

This relatively small, less inhabited but majestic island is comprised of barren mountain peaks. The village center  nestles at the port, an intimate crescent of  restaurants and shops flanked by luxury yachts and steep passageways, along which the weary can hire a donkey ride.

hidra mountains

We meandered along the small alleys, winding up the mountain side.

hidra view——

blue door

cotton dress

hidra gate

—-hidra bells

This year, we met with group of friends who live most of the year  in nearby villages. We call this group the Barbunia Society.

a plate of barbunias

Barbunia is the Greek  (and Hebrew) name for  Red Mullet,  a small red fish which, when fried in olive oil for just a few minutes and eaten whole, head, tail and bones included (not by  me!), accompanied by Tziporou  (local  45% alcohol pomace brandy) and a plate of deep red Greek tomatoes, pretty much sums up the paradise that is Greece.

the barbunia society

The fisherman who owns this Taverna  also surprises us with other catches of the day, such as cuttlefish and even prawns .

The barbunia

outside the taverna

The days  frequently end with yet another magnificent boat trip back to Porto Helli, where we stayed.

the boat trip back

Hope you  too are enjoying the last days of summer!




11 responses to “The island of Hydra ,Greece

  1. What a great vacation, Sara, that beautiful place, the photos are wonderful. And the food looks excellent, nothing better than a good fish and good crustaceans. And your look is also very nice, I love this simple dress, so soft. You look beautiful and elegant, with a casual outfit, how wonderful.

  2. Lady of Style

    Fabulous photos and such a lovely and relaxed atmosphere. You must have had a great time!
    Your light dress and sandals are so pretty and really summery.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. Goodness this loos great!! It’s like a Greek version of Capri

  4. I’ve been enjoying your travel photos so much. I’m happy you can summer in this very lovely place. Shown them to my husband, as well, so we’ve both benefited.
    He and I spent a lot of our courting time in a very solid and family run Greek restaurant in Seattle … I learned to love retsina! It’s gone now, but we remember it so fondly. Nowhere to get it here, but perhaps some day …
    You look so beautiful and happy. Enjoy your vacation to the max!

    • Hi Jan, nice to see you here again. We had a lovely month in Greece enjoying swimming, reading and the typical good Greek food. We got home yesterday just before the Jewish new year. So this is an opportunity to wish you a happy, healthy and creative year. Sara

  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday photos!!
    I am adding the blue door to my door collection on Pinterest.

    Rosh Hashanah!!
    Health and happiness!!
    ❤ carmen

  6. What a treat, Sara! Your holiday images are just beautiful and further convince me that this is a place I must travel to someday!

  7. beautiful photos! I’m travelling to Greece next month and cannot wait!

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