Summer vacation, memories and Cliff Richard

Summer and its vacations are stuff of memories.  Long, hot vacation days are experienced and remembered differently with every age.

Do you agree that we progressively amass a pool of  memories and images, recalled and  rewritten by us as we move from childhood to adolescence to adulthood?

One association with Cliff Richard has reminded me of  a distant summer vacation in primary school ; but then  there is also another  memory from that summer….

Going to the beach with dad

going to the beach with dad

Baking a cake with mom

baking a cake with mom

Making sure the ice cream does not fall, leak or mess my lovely dress…


Click  below to see Cliff Richard adorable video:

At the end of this week I will be flying  off to my annual summer vacation spot in the Peloponnese, Greece. With many  fond memories of past holidays there, I   can look forwards to the village sounds, the cool blue and calm waters of the sea and to eating a lot of Greek salads.

What are your most treasured memories from your summer childhood vacations ?

Next time, I shall be sharing Greek flavours … YA- SAS



4 responses to “Summer vacation, memories and Cliff Richard

  1. I just remember the summers of my childhood as being incredibly and wonderfully long. Lots of time to just hang out, read a book, dream of the future. Now. . .they pass much, much too quickly.

  2. Lovely…memories of family vacations truly are to be treasured. Have a wonderful time and be safe.

  3. I remember going to the movies to see SUMMER HOLIDAY. I fell in love with Cliff Richard and double-decker buses! Thanks for the memories!!!

    Hope you make some great memories this summer!! Have fun in Greece!!

    Pura vida – enjoy life!!
    ❤ carmen

    • I have been watching many old videos from the past, lately, especially of my children when they were babies and toddlers. Sweet memories..Cliff Richard was indeed a big hit in the sixties.. Have a great summer. Sara

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