Storm in a fountain

green dress4

What is it about this bronze sculpture of a female surfer in a fountain that has offended some conservative males in my little home town?

Is it her hair that appears to be  blowing wildly in the wind or the heave of breast beneath the diver’s suit she is wearing or her very participation in such an adventurous public sport?


In any event, this seemingly harmless sculpture has been the cause of a big row and commotion in my little town near Tel-Aviv.


Only a few days after it was installed, rumors began to spread that some  very religious elements in the town were lobbying to remove it on the grounds  that   the  publicly exposed female body offends the sensibilities of the  ultra-conservative population .

green dress1

The next morning I learned that my daughter  had erected a  big sign protesting against  the removal of the sculpture and  the attempted coercion of archaic  attitudes regarding the display  of the female body.

green dress2

Attempts to block my daughter’s protest signs  provoked other citizens and  soon a small demonstration gathered around the fountain against the sculptures removal.

white sandals

Eventually, the outcry in favor of retaining the public sculpture won the day! and yes , I am a proud mother of a young feminist!

kimono top

green dress

green dress3

Dress – Bracha Bar On (Israeli fashion designer), top – Pull & Bear, bag and shoes – Nine West.

A wonderful week to you all. Sara


19 responses to “Storm in a fountain

  1. Cudos for your daughter. And what an absolute ridiculous Idea to remove this beautiful sculpture.

  2. Cudos to your daughter!!!! And what an absolute ridiculous idea to remove this beautiful sculpture!

    • It was interesting to observe that many people where against the removal of the sculpture but they needed someone else to be the first to express his objection. Thanks

  3. Great story and I am happy that your daughter got the bandwagon going!
    Love your outfit, pretty colour and very classy!!

    ❤ carmen

  4. so fresh! Love the floral top! Kiss

  5. Sara, share more, also I have a daughter, feminist and fighter. I am glad that the sculpture was to stay at his place, it’s very nice. I do not understand that the body of the woman to offend anyone, when the eyes are healthy. I love your dress and your look, you look beautiful. Your figure looks wonderful in this dress.

  6. I live in a very catholic area and we have similar traditionally thinking people here who would object against a sculpture like that… It is beautiful and Josep-Maria found the right words already. Well done by your daughter!

    Your dress and top are gorgeous together, I love emerald green.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  7. Hooray for your daughter! She’s a true leader and got other people to share their ideas too. But they needed her to do it first. I like the sculpture. It’s not scandalous, unless a free and active woman is a scandal. I like how she’s athletic and strong and not hypersexualized.

    The colors of your dress remind me of the cool shades of the ocean (where a young surfer girl might be). So it’s a great tie-in. You look very elegant!

  8. I like your photos and the special-effect of the fountains makes your lovely post to a special one 🙂 !

  9. Love your outfit,beautifu colour !!

  10. Good for you mommy – you raised a smart and fierce daughter! Loving the outfit and the first pic is perfect!

  11. The female form is beautiful and so is your gorgeous style! Bravo! 🙂 My wardrobe is mostly black and white but I love the turquoise – so fresh!!

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