You got to love Africa…

A barbe q

A barbe q

I lived in Africa  for over a decade,



I arrived as a young bride knowing very little about it ..



By the time I left,  I was in love with it..

A kiosk

A kiosk

I met  the nicest people there, some of whom became my very good friends..


Two of my three children were born there..


I got my first car there…



I took part in many barbecues…




I had my first safari there and many more there after…

public toilet

.. but mostly I laughed a lot..



dark room

————–facebook log in

guests to sleep

money out of undergarments

kaka restourant

the other door

pick a boo!

I wish to thank the anonymous person who sent these photos to me…

Be happy!


11 responses to “You got to love Africa…

  1. A beautiful collection of photos, sure Africa engages and seduces … and fun.

  2. That was amazing, you made my day e.g. evening. One needs a cup full of laughter regularly after all!

  3. It is my pleasure, my dear! Thanks for visiting. Sara

  4. how wonderful that you lived in Africa. I definitely want to go there someday. and laughing over those wonderful photos!!!

  5. okay not sure if my first comment went through. if so, sorry for the repeat. but i was just saying how awesome it is you lived in Africa. I’d love to visit someday. and laughing so much over those wonderful photos!

  6. Great to experience life in other countries and cultures!! It truly enriches our lives!!! Thanks for sharing these hilarious photos!!

    Pura vida, my dear!!
    ❤ carmen

  7. OMG – thanks for sharing – too funny but loved them all!

  8. These are a pure joy!! xxx

  9. Smart indeed 😀

  10. I love this article and it shows that if you let yourself go, you will definitely learn the other beautiful things of life. thanks for sharing this wonderful experience of yours with us.

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