Extreme heat :: Boyfriend jeans and fedora hat

boyfriend jeans

When the heat is unbearable and the air- conditioning is roaring, a gal needs to be doubly prepared- firstly during the few moments that she is exposed to  the extreme elements  when rushing from the air-conditioned home to the baking car (until the car cooler takes effect) and secondly when ‘acclimatizing’  to the near arctic conditions in closed spaces shuttered against the heat:  offices, shops, restaurants etc.

brown leather bag

For the first circumstance, I tend to wear sleeveless shirts/dress or  loose jeans/ skirt and a mandatory hat. For the second I always carry a shawl or a thin top cover.

boyfriend jeans1

Looking at my latest outfits, one can be forgiven for thinking that I prefer wearing elegant outfits… and that would be absolutely correct!

brown leather bag1

But.. some mornings I wake up feeling the need for a different personality.. and what better way to begin a transformation  than dressing totally different?!

boyfriend jeans2

Schizophrenia, you say?

brown and gold sandals

You may remember that I love wearing hats, in particularly fedora hats. (see my posts on hats and fedora here and here and also here) . This white fedora has a black ribbon and is one of my most functional and most used in my collection of hats.

white fedora hat

white Fedora hat – from a few years ago ; reading glasses – Carolina Lemke ; Black T – Zara ; light top – old ; boyfriend jeans – Zara; sandals – Clarks ; leather bag –  purchased on my trip to China.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week! Sara


16 responses to “Extreme heat :: Boyfriend jeans and fedora hat

  1. Fedora hats seem to be huge this season. I’m looking for a white one to wear in the sun. Love your outfit!

  2. Sara, today we see a different, more casual, more informal, but equally attractive and well combined. I always imagine you with elegant dresses and more sophisticated approaches, but I like this casual look. The jeans will look great and the black top is gorgeous. What to say about your hats? There are always a great time on your looks, are a symbol of your style. I love your sandals.

  3. looking really beautiful and awesome styles…hugs and love!!

  4. very chic!

  5. I love how you pair classic pieces – this outfit is so perfectly chic!

  6. Thanks for visiting! Sara

  7. love the bag, what an amazing souvenir from an amazing trip!
    looking fab as always! x

  8. As soon as I saw this bag while traveling in Yunan province in China, I knew I had to have it! Thanks Rony

  9. I love this outfit!

  10. I just discovered your blog and love it back to front, your style is very chic and most beautiful, nice outfit today!

  11. Am loving that bag of yours and thanks for visiting my blog, hope you drop by again. 🙂

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