Inspired by Cannes::Monochromatic tunic and red jacket

Hofit-Golan. in 2013 cannes festival

Monochromatic outfits stood out at the Cannes Festival this year. Here are two examples to the trend. The first is Hofit Golan and the second is  Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake.


Hofit Golan wearing this lovely monochromatic dress at the the Cannes Festival this year reminded me of a top I purchased during my recent trip to China. Not as dramatic to be sure, but still similar. The ‘red carpet effect’ was added to my outfit in a different way….Needless to say, red features everywhere in China where I re-discovered  its remarkable  life affirming quality in contrast to so much drab grey buildings.

red mandarin jacket

My red jacket, also from China, has a mandarin collar and a row of coins in place of buttons  .

coins on red jacket


black lace and mandarin jacket2

black lace and mandarin jacket1


red bag


black lace and mandarin jacket5

Black and white tunic – Dikamni, China ; red mandarin jacket – Green Bean, China ; Black Jeans – Zara ; red bag – Enzari ; red beads bangle – Bacio Italy.

Have a lovely week and be safe! Sara


12 responses to “Inspired by Cannes::Monochromatic tunic and red jacket

  1. I really like the look, Sara. I like the oriental inspiration and color scheme. The print of the tunic is beautiful, and the design of the jacket is great. I like the way you play with the color red, on a belt, jacket and purse, makes the outfit is elegant and at the same time, sophisticated. The bag is a real cutie. You look great with this outfit.
    You saw your picture in my last post?

  2. Lovely! Great that you brought back so many ideas as souvenirs from your trip. Beautiful, fine tuned styling. The pattern in your top is lovely with the red, and it’s all in place with the way your little cigarette-capris fit like a glove made for your own hand.
    Have a great week …

  3. Thank you Jan. The trip to China has really made a big impact on me- there are so many ways to live… Sara

  4. jangrahammcmillen

    Just reading your comment at “my house” … yes! Please show us your fan. With my outfit posts this summer, I’ll also show the coordinated fans I carry everywhere … very old habit in very hot country! Your black and white inspired me. I’m having a challenge thinking about black and white as looking fresh in any substantial way … your post really changed that! I had thought of using some of my Asian fans as accessories with black and white.
    Thanks again for the inspiration.

  5. Always loved the combination of black & red colors. Lovely outfit!

  6. Thank you so much! and also for following my blog. Sara

  7. Love your black and white tunic and very nice photos 🙂

  8. Wow – this is a fantastic look for you!

  9. You look stunning. I like the tunic best :), but all outfit is great and it looks very youthfull yet elegant on you.

  10. I love this outfit!
    so classy and so chic!

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