Royal blue and gold – a birthday queen for the day

blue and lace1

I know.. I promised to share with you my own version of the blue pattern on white trend and here I am cheating and showing  something else…

I am afraid this promise was not to be kept as I cannot possibly bring my self to purchace an item of clothing that is  so in fashion today, but will be so  very  out of fashion tomorrow.

blue and lace3

The royal blue of the previous post served as an inspiration for this one as it is an amazing color. It broadcasts royalty and grandeur. As it is my birthday today- and I am the queen for a day in my house – I thought  royal blue  most befits  the occasion.

lace shirt1

For a most royal affect, in my humble opinion,  blue should be teamed up  with gold and cream and even a little lace…


here a closer look at my wrap lace shirt…

lace shirt 3

I found this photo of Brunei’s royalty on their wedding day  in 2005 – all royal blue and gold

brunei royal wedding

blue and lace2

Happy birthday to all the Touros’s celebrating their birthday today!

blue and lace4

wrap shirt – Zara (from a while ago), skirt – H&M, shoes – She’s, gold jewelry- inherited from my mother.


20 responses to “Royal blue and gold – a birthday queen for the day

  1. Yup, Royal Blue does make a mark, & you are very beautiful.

  2. “You look amazing in Royal Blue..”

  3. Sara, you are magnificent in this post. Elegant, attractive, sophisticated … I love the skirt, it’s cute. The blouse is beautiful, loved i tissue and also the design is really great. The jewels are fantastic. A great look, a great outfit. You’re back with your best personal style.

    • Hi Josep, thanks. It is interesting how some items of clothing get more use then others and stay relevant in one’s clapboard for years. This shirt is an example of that, and I didn’t even know it when I bought it. Sara

  4. You look regal, Sara – absolutely stunning!!! I’m sure you turned a few heads during this photo shoot!!! You are beautiful!!!

    Pura vida!!
    ❤ carmen

    • Carmen, thank you! The photo shoot was made during the weekend in an industrial area, when everything was shut, and no body was around, so no “turning heads” here.. ha ha.


  6. Sara Forgive me, I forgot to congratulate you. Congrats!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday your majesty!

  8. Happy belated birthday, Sara!! Hope you had a wonderful day!
    You look elegant and beautiful in your bday outfit!!!

  9. Love the outfit Sara! You always look perfectly put together. Hope you had a great birthday.


  10. So pretty!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday 🙂

  11. Lovely colour combination and very glamorous outfit!

  12. Very beautiful combination and you look great ! 🙂

  13. Happy birthday Sara!
    And congratulations also for this beautiful outfit. I love the skirt, the color is fantastic and the unique top is a perfect addition.

  14. Dear friend, today I posted on my blog a post in which I use a photo of you. I hope you do not mind. Thanks and best regards.
    You can see it in:
    I do not I have your email address, so I notice this.

    Josep-Maria Badia
    Tarragona (Spain)

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