Travel – my amazing China trip

jan jai jai 1

While I sense that  the experience of my  recent  three week visit to China, let alone its meaning, are not yet been fully understood by me, I do know that it was the  most unique and enriching trip that I have undertaken.

the faces of China 1

I have encountered  two worlds in one land:  poor, vast, undeveloped China,  farming the land while still  living  in conditions  not dissimilar to their ancestors from the previous century,  still carrying water buckets on their back in order to irrigate the fields and using primitive farming implements.   On the other hand,  I witnessed the technologically advanced  China that dissects mountains like butter to lay down thousands of kilometers of highway,  bridges spanning vast valleys,  flyover rail tracks and dormitory town  with clusters of skyscrapers awaiting their first inhabitants . We traveled the maglev high speed train, floating from Beijing to Shanghai at 300km/hour!


Travelling around China trip  was simply overwhelming. I did not know to expect its breathtaking natural beauty, pristine unique  Nature and multiple world heritage sites.

I experienced the Chinese as kind, helpful and everywhere hard working, often throughout the night. Having traveled off the beaten track, we encountered the rich diversity of China’s many intriguing Minority Peoples. Of course as an adventurous lover of food, it was an utter delight to try the enormous variety of intriguing foods and tastes. And how can I mention China without recalling the many many tea-ceremonies we sat down to, savoring regions, flavors  hues and aromas.

China -Jan Jai Jai 2

I  have  randomly posted but a few out of my over 1000 photos taken during this trip. Magical mountains seen here are  in the  Jan Jai Jai  National Park nature reserve in Hunan province. As we took the cable car across, up and over hundreds of meters  I was enthralled as during the movie Avatar, which was filmed there.

I could share so many stories… but a  picture is always better than a thousand words.

a Miau village in Hunan

Sorry I didn’t share my experiences with you during the 3 weeks trip as I had originally intended, but to my surprise, Google, WordPress and Facebook are among many websites the Chinese government obstructs. Mind boggling, isn’t it, that a country so overwhelmingly impressive should still feel the need to control and restrict the flow of information?

wang go sho water falles in Guizu

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



8 responses to “Travel – my amazing China trip

  1. Wow! Beautiful photos!!!
    Thanks for sharing! Glad your trip was a wonderful one!

    • Indeed it was an amazing trip. I have been asked by my friends to tell stories and show the photos, again and again, since my return. Thanks for commenting, Jeannie!

  2. What a fantastic trip, beautiful photos and few experiences we explain. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. But how sad Chinese government censorship.

  3. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jangrahammcmillen

    Your’e back! Wonderful photos … so happy to see them. Thanks for bringing this back for all of us to see! Really happy to see you back safely and, it looks like, freshly inspired.
    Big, long-distance, cyber-hugs!

  5. Thanks for the mini tour of China! Amazing photos!! If a picture is worth a thousand words then yours are worth over a million words!!! I’d love to see more photos and hear more about this vast and interesting country. A dear friend of mine is going to China for five weeks, I can only hope to go there someday!

    I experienced a tea-ceremony last summer at a Chinese vegetarian restaurant.

    Pura vida!!
    ❤ carmen

  6. wow! your photos are amazing!! I want to visit china so badly, it seems like such a interesting place!

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