Egyptian myth – an inspiration for creative people


The Egyptian god Osiris  is a central figure in  ancient Egyptian mythology.

His brother  Seth had been jealous of  Osiris’ power and popularity for some time and  lusted after his brother’s wife, Isis (Aset).

Seth had tried to kill Osiris on several occasions, eventually  succeeding to “corner” him. He cut Osiris’s body into fourteen parts and distributed them around Egypt!

Isis, the wife of Osiris (who was also his sister) was distraught and enlisted the help of their  sister Nephthys and together they went in search of Orisis’ body parts. They found all but one, his penis, which was apparently swallowed by a fish. Isis and Nephthys mourned over the dead body of their brother and Ra, the creator god, took pity on them and  magically helped them to piece the body back together. Isis  then breathed life into Orisis .


Later Orisis travelled to the underworld where he found peace and contentment as the king of the dead. His son Horus would rule over the living.

It was Osiris who was the beloved pharaoh of Egypt. He was even called the great Benefactor of humanity. As the king of the underworld he succeeded  in  bringing the knowledge of agriculture and civilization to the people. He taught the people  of Egypt about farming. As the god of vegetation, Osiris was  also one of the first “Green Men”. When he became ruler over the land of Egypt, the people were engaged in the practice of cannibalism but  Osiris helped them to evolve beyond cannibalism and to learn farming skills. This knowledge of farming and agriculture and the ending  of cannibalism were a major development for civilization.


As is well known, the great legends of mythology reflect the issues and struggles  we encounter in our daily lives. I find this story remarkable and instructive as it suggests that even after undergoing dismemberment  by his own brother Osiris was resurrected and went on to revolutionize the life of society and contribute to cultural growth.

Notwithstanding adversity and discouragement there is always the prospect of a magical  creative re-growth.

The story of Orisis has many parallels in different cultures. Our personalities and characters all contain the good, the bad, the loving and the jealous.

I hope you liked the myth .. I would love to hear your thoughts  on it.



2 responses to “Egyptian myth – an inspiration for creative people

  1. An excellent look into Egyptian mythology. I also find the story interesting in the fact that they found every part but his penis. What do you think that implied? That sex was… unnecessary maybe?

  2. Well.. maybe it implies that even without a penis (which is the worst that can happen to a man.?!.) he went on to do great things..
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Sara

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