Fashion – Why I love the color camel

camel blackand gold 2

This winter the color camel was clearly my favorite. Camel is  a neutral color and therefore can “go” with most other colors from black, red  and brown to purple, light blue, off white and  denim. It pretty much goes with anything. I think the only color I don’t really care to wear with camel is  pink.

celine bag2

For extra interest and texture I chose a black skirt in a brocade material.

brocade skirt1

camel jacket

The color camel is a great choice  for wintertime, especially for blondes and brunettes, as shades of brown always match with their hair color and skin tone. Camel can even add some color to your skin during the winter months when your tan  fades (see my previous post in which I wore a darker shade of camel here).

celine bag

Here are some other outfits in camel which I picked up from the web, mostly from Max Mara Fall 2013 run way show.




Max Mara: Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2012/2013

max_mara_rf13_0010_20130221_1311968654 max_mara_rf13_0020_20130221_1825184548 max_mara_rf13_0159_20130221_2096940061



All so wonderful!

Have a special week!


cardigan – Golf ; top – Zara ; belt – Mango ; skirt – Zara ; boots – Gazith;                 bag – Celine


14 responses to “Fashion – Why I love the color camel

  1. Sara, you look so elegant and classy! Such a great color combo! What a gorgeous skirt!
    I’d love to get my hands on that camel coat in the first pic!

  2. Your camel jacket is beautiful, but I love your skirt with lace fabric is wonderful and you feel perfect. I really like your look all black, you’re beautiful and attractive with it. Your bag and your belt are great. A great outfit.

  3. I love this outfit – it’s so classic! (and that bag – swooooon)

  4. I love the elegant combination of black and camel and you look so classy!

    Lady of Style

    • Thank you Annette. I used to think of camel and the rest of the ‘brown’ family as boring colors. I only learned lately that with the right combination camel can be very elegant. Sara

  5. Starsza Dziewczyna

    Thank you for your comment. I do not know English but it helps me to google translator 🙂 You’re a very elegant woman. I read that you live in Israel. It’s a beautiful country. In April visit it :-)). I invite you for observing my blog. Greetings :-))

  6. Camel and Cognac – great colors for everyone!

  7. You look lovely! You give me so much optimism that I sometimes loose, being almost 35…

  8. nofearoffashion

    You look great in camel. Love the belt as well. (And the bag…)
    Me on the other hand, although I am a brunette, get totally washed out if I wear camel near my face. Different complextion I suppose.

  9. You have sold me on Camel! 🙂 Thanks

  10. wow!!! you look amazing! xx

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