Travel – 5000 years of History


Only a few kilometers away from my house there is a historical site, now called Antipatrus Fortress,  which bares the story of several civilizations, the earliest dating back  to BC 4500.


The Middle Bronze  Age (BC 2700-3000) was a period of urban culture in the land of Israel  when the the city Afek was built at this place.

The Canaanite city  of Afek is first mentioned in Egyptian writing from the 19th c BC.

Antipatris fortress4

After the Hellenistic period, King Herod  expanded the city and called it Antipatris ,during the Roman times (63 Bce – 324 CE). 

I walked the remains of the Cardo, being the main road with the shops on each side, as well as the Odeon (little theater) .

The Cardo

The Roman Cardo

Corinthian Capital

Corinthian Capital

An earth quake around  363 destroyed the city, rediscovered with the  arrival of the Ottomans in 1915 . By that time, the area had seen many conquering nations including the crusades .

Pediment from the Theatre

Pediment from the Theatre

The fortress standing today is mainly the  remains from the period of the Ottomans.

Antipatris Fortress 2

What attracted so many civilizations over such a long period to this area? I suspect it was a combination of a few natural and strategic  factors:  firstly the fresh rain water filtering down from the Judean hills of Jerusalem , surfacing in the area as the source of today’s  Hayarkon River that proceeds to snake through modern Te l- Aviv;  secondly, the  commanding heights and  strategic position  straddling the route between the sea and the city of Jerusalem.


Today the area is declared a national park, rich in Flora and Fauna.

Blue Lupine

Visiting a place so laden with history reminds one how  transient we humans are, trustees of civilisation and nature’s beauty.

I find such trips into nature and history to be both humbling and spiritually refreshing .

Hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did!



7 responses to “Travel – 5000 years of History

  1. This is a great location and as you said in yr backyard!!!!,
    Also the source of the Yarkon river nearby, i will visit there soon!!

  2. Wow – look at all that glorious history in your “backyard” – thanks for the tour and history lesson!

  3. What a beautiful place!! Definitely worth a visit, thank you for sharing!

  4. What a wonderful post! Thanks for the tour and the history lesson!

  5. You have a nice blog and really interesting! 🙂
    If you want to have a look at mine it would be great 🙂

  6. I love old buildings and ruins — thanks so much for posting this!

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