Fashion – My burgundy Fedora hat – III

red fedora 2

It’s been raining for a few days here in Tel-Aviv, even hailing! This is ideal weather to wear my burgundy Fedora and resume my posts on the subject.

lace shirt


red umbrella


Fedora hats lend themselves to somewhat masculine outfits i.e trousers, trench coats and for the more daring dressers, manly ties and lace- up shoes. (That is not to say that I do not surprise myself and do a Fedora with a feminine outfit – see my first post on the Fedora).

red fedora1

Today’s tip for wearing the Fedora: Do not wear it too far on the back of your head! It really looks ridiculous when “sitting” far back like Donald Duck wears his little hat.

Make sure the Fedora is sitting on the front part of the head, just a few centimeters above the eye brows.

fedora 3

Some intriguing points about the history of hat wearing-

At the turn of the 20th century in 1900, both men and women changed their hats depending on their activity. For many ladies of some social standing that could be several times a day.

Period etiquette articles suggest that it would have been disgraceful to venture out of the house, in those days, without a hat or even gloves.  One record tells of a young lady venturing out to post a letter without her hat and gloves and being severely reprimanded for not being appropriately dressed. The post box was situated a few yards from her front garden gate. (It was not mentioned whether she was wearing any other items besides a hat and gloves…)

In the Edwardian age it did not matter if you were poor or rich, old or a child, whatever your status, everyone wore a hat. Only beggars went bareheaded.  Even militant suffragettes did not campaign without a hat. The hat would be fairly functional in style and form, but a hat was still worn.

brown trousers

In the very early days of Israel, the first new settlers, who came from European countries, wore hats, ties and suits everywhere they went, even in the summer although totally in appropriate to the middle -eastern weather. It took some time until they succumbed to the heat and to a more weather appropriate dress code, and discarded suits, ties and hats.

red fedora

Dress warmly this weekend and do not forget your Fedora


hat – Miss Selfridge ; trench coat – J. Crew ; lace shirt – Mango ; trousers – Frida

leather bag – Kisim (Israeli desighner) ; shoes – Jeffry Camblell


16 responses to “Fashion – My burgundy Fedora hat – III

  1. Lovely outfit. I love this masculine style, is so … female. I really like the pants and I love your hat, the color is wonderful. Your tips are very interesting dress hat. Magnificent post. I’ll take a photo for my next post.

  2. I’m in love with burgundy!! 🙂 Lovely outfit.

  3. I love this look! You look sophisticated, chic, and so classic. The burgundy shoes and hat add just the right trendy touch. Spot on! 🙂

  4. Yes, you are definitely working that Fedora!

  5. That’s a beautiful hat and you look great in it. I, sadly, look like a complete idiot in a hat. But I love them, and imagine one day finding THE hat, the one that will suit me perfectly.

  6. Hello, thank you for liking my post 🙂 Your blog looks really interesting 🙂
    Have a good day !
    Marion 🙂

  7. Love your outfit! That hat is fabulous!

  8. theladyofstyle

    Very chic outfit and I love the leo accessories!
    Lady of Style

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