Saturday midday film and lunch

red bag1

I heard so much talk about the Turkish director Nuri  Bilge Celylan’s movie  “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” that I hurried to buy  tickets, for hubby and me, before the movie is withdrawn

And what a special experience it was!

The drama  set in a spectacular natural beauty. The investigating judge and a doctor accompanied by a group of police officers and the suspected killer and his brother set out at night aiming to reconstruct the murder and find the body.

The deceptive  and evasive memory of the killer results in the group having to journey throughout the night  to different locations along Anatolia’s mountainous roads. In the course of this long night journey, viewers are drawn into a meditative intimacy  with a mixed bag of characters and their relationships. Set against a simple plot of a  police murder investigation, this psychological drama attempts to penetrate to the depths of the human soul.

The lingering cinematography  and stunning images and landscapes  reflect a wide range of the actors emotions .

The movie  won many prizes and awards including the  Cannes Film Festival Grand Prize of the Jury for Best Film , so if you haven’t seen it yet.. do your self a favor seek it  out…

leather jeans2

The movie was so long (over 2 hours!) that we  went into the very first restaurant we saw and sat down to a reassuring meal.

leather jeans

I am sure this movie will feature  in my conversations with my friends.  ‘Once Upon a Time in Anatolia’  is a film whose mood will stay with you for days – quiet in tone, but rich in character and atmosphere.

black healed shoes

What do you think about the combination of film review together with what I wore to viewing this movie – all in the same post?

Well, we are fortunate are we not, to be leading the life we do! So, don’t you think that my latest  shoes purchase are just adorable?

leather jeans1


Sweater – Ginger g/ Shirt – Zara/Shades -Erroca / Leather jeans  and suede shoes – Castro/belt – Renuar/ bag – Enzari

Enjoy your weekend!



20 responses to “Saturday midday film and lunch

  1. I love this outfit on you!

  2. Rockin’ outfit! LOVE it! Shoes are gorgeous! I LIKE!!! 🙂
    Thanks for the movie review…must check it out.

    • Thank you about the shoes. It is so nice to do a review on a movie… and since I am addicted to movies… maybe I will write reviews on a regular basis…still thinking about it…

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR – I have nominated you for a “Very Inspiring and Versatile Award” – please accept here:

  4. Really like the trousers – the fabric has a gorgeous sheen to it!

  5. I have not seen the movie, look it, thanks for the recommendation. It is interesting cultural mix with fashion comments. Fashion is culture. Your shoes are spectacular and your pants are beautiful. The geometric print jacket is very nice. The whole outfit is casual and elegant at the same time.

  6. What an elegant and pretty look. Maybe I should see that film too ❤


  7. You look wonderful in this look! I love those shoes and shawl. xo

  8. Fashion Hippie! 🙂 lovely outfit! btw, I just nominated you for the Versatile BLogger Award♥

  9. I love this entire look. Very classic black & white. Those sunnies are awesome! I want a circle pair like that! Hope you had a nice time at the film!


  10. You look so smart and elegant in this pared-down and seriously flattering outfit. So happy you got to see your film! Here in Mid-Nowhere we only get the most mainstream of films, and not all of them. Didn’t even get to see “Le Mis”. We did manage to sit through “The Hobbit”, but we shamelessly ate before AND after the 3 hour journey to Middle Earth!

  11. Ha ha.. There is no better excuse for eating before AND after, then a long film! Thanks for visiting Jan.

  12. Wow… what great style… love the red purse with the black and white and the shoes are definitely a plus!

  13. I love your style! 🙂

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