10,9,8,7….Toasting the New Year: Tempus Fugit


Last night’s party tradition of welcoming in the New Year is often accompanied by taking honest store of the previous years’ accomplishments, as well as its disappointments, along with compiling a list of New Year Resolutions.

This should not be allowed to interfere with the merry making, but it is a practice with which I identify. I even ask my kids what they think they learned about themselves and about life in the passing year and also about their hopes for the New Year.

 This innocent ritual, allows for a pause in our modern, headlong hurtling on wards.  It allows an honest look at things we want to change in ourselves and in our lives. Do we need to teach ourselves how to be happier or how to treat others in a more loving way?

 Looking back at the past year and taking stock will, in my view, help clarify the direction in which we want to be heading in the coming year and with what intentions. This casual exercise of summarizing the year just past also raises our consciousness about time passing and perhaps the need to re-orientate ourselves. Shall we let go of certain wishes, perhaps adopt other more adventurous ones.  One person’s wish list may be anthers’ bucket list!

 Along with your personal indulgences, add a reflection that whatever your position , you are blessed, that there are others who will always benefit from your care and love and resolve to give more of yourself to those around you. And never forget to double your resolve to be good to your only body, gentle and loving towards yourself. Stop undermining yourself with criticism, whether  as mother or wife, or  for every kilo of weight you might have put on!

 Wishing you all a New Year of health, safety, personal growth and love.



One response to “10,9,8,7….Toasting the New Year: Tempus Fugit

  1. Stay Blessed and Happy New Year!

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