Vacation -Plan your Summer – Holiday in Greece

Greece villa

Those of you, my blog readers, who have been following me since  last summer, may know that I spend the entire month of August by the sea in Greece. ( see a few post from the month of Aug – this for example)

My friends own a simply marvelous  holiday home in the Peloponnese. The house is on a hill surrounded by a small grove of olive tree,  has  a magnificent panoramic view  of  the sea and islands, one of which is the celebrated and exquisite  island of  Spetzes.

Greece villa and sea

The house 5 minutes from the beach, is offered for rent. It houses 6-8 people ,or more by special arrangement.

Should you be interested in experiencing the calm and clear Greek sea and Greek food  in a country-side setting,  but within easy reach  of major attractions ( Epidauvaros, Naphlion, Hydra Island to name a few ), you may contact me via this post and I will refer you to the person managing the  renting.


Oh, I miss my Greek vacation!



10 responses to “Vacation -Plan your Summer – Holiday in Greece

  1. My Life is My Style

    Beautiful photos, I love Greece!

  2. Love these photos and greece is wonderful !

  3. oh my – how beautiful!

  4. Thank you all so much…Sara

  5. How jealous I am of your month in Greece! What’s Greece like in January – it’s a possible contender for a honemoon destination 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, Greece is always beautiful of course, never the less, in the winter months it is very wet. I imagine, it is the best time for a writer who wishes to be on his own, with a glass of wine, when all around him is wet and green. I am not sure it is the right time for newly weds… Not been able to swim in these magnificent blue bays?

  6. Being June

    So beautiful – someday I’d love to go!

  7. Fun blog, I love the pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog when you like a post, it send me 3 of yours so I was happy to come enjoy since they may have been missed otherwise. You may also like my style channel. xoxo, Jax

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