Fashion – dressing for a dinner party

crochet skirt

Hanukkah , ‘The festival of lights ‘  is at an end.  Alongside the appealing custom  of lighting one extra candle each  of the 8 nights,   the habit of eating doughnuts  and latkes (deep fried potato pancakes ) has also taken  deep root( as our  weight scales remind us.)

I tried to avoid those oily treats as much as I can, but my will power has proven weak. To add insult to injury, my husband has returned from a business trip to Zurich with this…

swiss chocolate

(not the pearls, mind you, which I received for our 10 years anniversary).

fur coat 1

Aren’t these sculptures curious?

wolf 1

Many are reluctant to mix black and brown  in an outfit. I like combining these  two  strong colors together  as long as I can also introduce cream or white  so as to balance the black  and brown out.

crochet skirt 2

fur coat 3

3 wolfs

As the the cats (?) would not respond to my instructions , I had to take off my belt ….

crochet skirt – vintage ; black top – Honigman ; Jacket – Zara (from a few years ago) ; shoes – She’s ; belt – Castro


8 responses to “Fashion – dressing for a dinner party

  1. Is it chocolate from Zurich?

  2. I really like this outfit. I think brown and black can combine well. The skirt is beautiful, with a very nice stamp. The jacket is great and you is great. I think the whole look is very successful and you’re very elegant and chic. A lovely gift for your 10 years, the collar and sweets. A lovely post in a curious place … You are very attractive to him.

  3. You look smashing! Especially love the skirt and shoes!

  4. You look gorgeous!

  5. oh la la lady – lookin’ good!

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