Fashion – Having fun again in black, grey and burgundy

gray skirt

The cannons  have stopped roaring on the Mediterranean  yet again, maybe only for a while and I can try to resume a lighter state  living with concerns such as which scarf will go best with my gray skirt…

I had so many errents to run after being indoors “glued” to the news broadcast for more than a week. Black is always safe to wear when the rain is pouring down outside and one has to get in and out of the the car so many times. Color was added with the leggings and the paisley patterned  scarf.

This big bag (which was also given to me as a present by my dear husband- see a post on this issue here) has served me well over the years.

Be safe and have a great weekend!

black shirt – Mango ; Leather Jacket – Castro (also seen here) ; skirt -Sigal Ephod  ;bag – Highsign ; boots – Caligula ; shades –  Carolina Harera ; silk scarf – from a long time ago



12 responses to “Fashion – Having fun again in black, grey and burgundy

  1. I’m glad that you’re back on the blog. Today you wear a beautiful outfit with a beautiful combination of gray and black. I really like the jacket and the pattern of the skirt is beautiful. The boots and bag are great and the color of the socks and the pattern of tissue make the proposal is very elegant and chic. A great set.

    • Hello Josep, hope election went well and to your satisfaction in your place. My husband is in Barcelona at a conference and he loves every thing about the city…
      Thanks for visiting and for you kind words!

  2. I love how you paired similair shades in the tights and scarf – so pretty!!

    • Thank you so much! I have this silk scarf for ages and did not found a satisfactory way to use it until now. Thanks so much for commenting, it means a lot to me…Sara

  3. Sara, I’m so glad you’re safe!
    What a chic and classy outfit! You look fabulous!

  4. A lovely view in 3 shades

  5. Chic and simply beautiful!

  6. She’s back! Oh, good … glad you and yours are fine. Also hoping for a more reliable peace for you all soon. The outfit: fun for us, as well. So sleek. This is a lesson for me as well, as I’m trying to reconcile the new silhouette with flat boots as opposed to heels. Hard for me, apparently easy for you, as you wear it so easily! Thanks for the primer! Have a wonderful week.

    • Thank you Jan! High heals were never my favorite… I can not get used to walking in them. The very few pairs of high heals which I have, usually stay in my cupboard. Thanks for visiting.. Sara

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