Thank you for your support on these difficult days

I  have received numerous mails offering support, prayers and concern from you, my blog readers. I am truly very touched by your concern.

My country has been under attack by terrorist groups for  too many years. Missiles  have been hailing down on  the south of Israel as a matter of routine for over 3 years now, terrorizing and holding hostage over one million civilians. This routine became awful reality, not even newsworthy internationally.

Finally the government of Israel decided to respond and do what any civilized elected government anywhere in the world must do – act forcefully to put an end to the incessant assaults of a terrorist group.

I live in Tel -Aviv area where  mercifully  so far only very few missiles have fallen, mostly into the sea. But my son, who is a student in the south of the country at the Beer Sheva University is a  source of concern to me and my family.

Let all concerned mothers, especially those caught in the cycle of violence   across the middle east, share one true  prayer for peace for all.

Good week to all,



5 responses to “Thank you for your support on these difficult days

  1. My personal support for you and your family. I hope you are fine and you can soon see the end of this madness. Catalunya is also a town that wants to be free, as Israel did years ago. Beyond fashion, or food, or art is the life of people and I hope yours continue many years making us happy with your post. A warm hug.

  2. Sara, I’ve been away for the weekend but you were in my thoughts. I pray safety for you and your people and for this violence to end. I can’t imagine the day to day living with this kind of fear. Be safe!

  3. simone gad

    wish you all the best.

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