Fashion – finally it is time for trousers!

army jacket1

I truly thought that this year summer is here to stay, that winter has given a miss to the part of the world in which I live.  As you may have noticed, my blog readers, I do not wear trousers in summer. I can not tolerate cloth touching my skin in the extreme heat and high humidity here in Israel.

Army jacket and cowboy boots

How happy I was last night to finally hear the thunder and lightning tearing the sky, heralding cooler weather. It rained  for barely  10 minutes .The sun came out this morning as if nothing had happened and cool enough to wear my first trousers this winter!

Yellow bouganvilia

You can see how dry the earth in these pictures. The rain was not enough to quench the ground’s thirst.

burgandy bag


white bouganvilia

This bouganvilla plant does well precisely because of the shortage of water

cowboys boots

I pray that the rain will be plentiful this winter, enough to refill all  the aquifers, clean our skies and bring hope for another spring.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Army jacket – Zara ; shirt – Golf ; trousers – Dorothy Perkins ; boots – bought on a trip to Brussels many years ago ; bag – Radley ; scarf – Fat Face ; shades – Ray Ban



19 responses to “Fashion – finally it is time for trousers!

  1. Beautiful outfit, burgundy color of the blouse is beautiful and I love the jacket. The pants will look great with boots are great. I really like the scarf, closely resembles one used in Catalonia, at a party called “castells”. In Catalunya does not rain much and I’m happy when I get a little cold. Israel and Catalunya have some similarities. You are very attractive with this look, congratulations.

  2. Thank you so much Joseph. I visited Catalonia a few year ago with my family, and absolutely loved it! The art, the food, the people… wonderful!

  3. I really like your outfit. The colours are great!

  4. Sara – what a youthful & chic outfit! LOVE it!

  5. Look at you … looking sharp in your skinnies and military! I know exactly what you mean about the sometimes long wait for winter weather. It is 66 degrees (19 C ) here and humid … Doesn’t the weather know we have sweaters, boots and scarves to wear? I’m a first time visitor, and will be back to your particularly appealing blog! Your styling skills are admirable.

  6. Ha ha you are funny.. unconsidered weather…! Please do visit my blog again!

  7. thanks for popping by my blog
    i love the color of that top you have on and those boots are fabulous
    it is so strange to see the blooming flowers in your pics when there is nothing but dead leaves falling all around here

  8. You look gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful plants behind you. I wish I could get away with looking so fashionable in winter! Here it’s all puffy parkas, knock-off UGG’s, bulky scarves and ugly toques. A look not worth photographing.

    • Winter is Israel is actually a joke… it is hardly ever really cold, so bulky scarves and puffy parkas ,are never necessary. Today, after 3 days of rain, the sun is out in full force and one has to wear summer cloth again….

  10. OFF TOPIC: Sarah, thinking of you there in Tel Aviv with all that’s happening. I hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well. When time and circumstances permit, please let us know how you are doing.

    • Thank you so much Jan, for your concern and good wishes. It has not been easy but now there are hopes for cease fire and that what I think and pray for. All the best, Sara

  11. I commented your outfit a few days ago, but now I’m more concerned for your safety. I hope that the conflict will not harm you and peace be quick and true. Best wishes and my personal solidarity.

  12. Hi, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award and I hope you accept:

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