Fashion – eat and wear the pomegranate

A symbol of passionate love The pomegranate fruits on my tree are nearly all eaten as every morning I make a point of squeezing  and drinking its juice . See the below  super juice extractor which I bought  and which truelly extracts  all the juice .

making pomegranate juice

There is so much to say about the pomegranate, besides its being a  wonderful fruit, rich in both flavor and nutrients.


The inner seeds

The pomegranate has been used throughout history and in almost every religion as a symbol of humanity’s most fundamental beliefs and desires, including life and death, rebirth and eternal life, fertility and marriage, abundance and prosperity. Almost every aspect of the pomegranate has come to symbolize something . . . its shape, color, seeds, juice.

pomegranate on a tree

Pomegranates on the tree

In Christianity the pomegranate is a symbol of the resurrection and eternal life of Jesus. Depicted in religious illustrations and art, the pomegranate is often found in devotional statues and paintings of the Virgin and Child.


Madonna and child with pomegranate/ Botticelli

In medieval legend the pomegranate tree is a fertility symbol and an important feature in the hunt of that magical creature, the unicorn. Tapestries from the period show the wounded unicorn bleeding pomegranate seeds. Once captured, the only way to tame and hold onto the mythical beast was to chain it to a pomegranate tree.

The unicorn

The unicorn and the pomegranate  

In Judaism, the pomegranate is venerated for the beauty of the tree and its fruit. The seeds are said to symbolize sanctity, fertility, and abundance. One of the seven sacred varieties of plants mentioned in the Bible, the pomegranate is said to have 613 seeds – one for each of the Bible’s 613 commandments.

In Islam, the Koran speaks with reverence of the pomegranate, which is described as containing one seed that derives from heaven. Paradise as described in the Koran consists of four gardens with shade, springs, and fruit trees, among them the pomegranate.

 Still Life with Pomegranate and Pears  by Paul Cezanne

  Paul Cezanne 

If you look closely at the color of the juice I extracted, you will see it is not red but much darker, more a magenta or burgundy!

Therefore I propose that from now on the color  sweeping the fashion industry this Autumn shall be called pomegranate and nothing else!

Would you go along with me?


3 responses to “Fashion – eat and wear the pomegranate

  1. Beautiful post. The color of the pomegranate is precious.

  2. I love the colour, but I also now really want to eat one!!!!

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