Fashion – Doctor’s bag and lace-up boots

Doctors bag and laceup boots

I was a young bride when I go this bag as a present from my husband, some 20 years ago.This was the first bag he ever bought me and since then he has surprised me  with many more from his business trips to Europe.

doctors bag

The fact is that I  have never bought  myself a leather bag as  as my hubby is the one who has the taste for these things , I await his surprises.

white crochet top

Earlier in my blog, I have already shown some of the amazing bags I have   received since this very first one :

here – I showed my Louis Vuitton Yellow and purple bag

here and here – Orange Tod’s bag

here– Blue bag from Reiss and I am sure that with time I will show some more.

gray maxi dress2

The origin of the doctor’s bag a per the net :

“The doctor bag is quite possibly one of the most popular styles in bag history.The bag originally made for doctors to carry medical equipment for making house calls had rounded sides, a flat bottom, and a single top handle with a frame and clasp enclosure.Its gaping frame was designed in a manner which made it easy for the doctor to easily see and access his medical tools…”

Though I am not a doctor (and don’t need to carry scalpels and and medicaments in my bag)as a modern women I do need to have a bag to carry my laptop, my phone, cosmetics and some times a spare pair of socks and shoes.

Have a happy and healthy weekend! 


dress- Next ; knitted top – vintage ; lace-up boots – too old to recall! ; tiger earings – H&M ;  bag – Duglass, Italy


10 responses to “Fashion – Doctor’s bag and lace-up boots

  1. Beautiful dress, lovely outfit, great earrings. The bag is beautiful and many men use it too. Your proposal, when combined with the boots, is very brave, but it is perfect. A great outfit …

  2. You are right.. this is the kind of bag men can definitely use, something masculine about it… that’s why i teamed it with the boots…

  3. Nice bag, lovely outfit!

  4. What a wonderful husband you have! He has great taste!
    Love the maxi with boots! And, what gorgeous earrings!

  5. LOVE those earrings! Rawr.

  6. Wow, realy nice!

  7. What a great bag! once again proving that the theory of the investment piece. An hierloom….. It will be still gorgeous in another 20 years!! Well done hubby!

  8. I can’t stop looking at your bag! Incredible!!!

  9. Such a great bag! Love your glasses too (I’ve got a weakness for glasses) and that they seem to perfectly match the dress.

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